A Bad Equation


Remember this guy?
If you don't...
That is my husband.
He usually makes an appearance once a week and is in most my posts.
But lately he hasn't been.
Because it is baseball season.
Well he has been gone for the last week.
Doing this.

And he was supposed to come home for the weekend.
For the home opener
But now he isn't.
Because of this.

Now he will be playing here.

In St. Geezy.
Where it is 70 degrees.
And not only that. The double header was supposed to be Saturday.
But now it is Friday.
And Adam will be pitching right during one of my events.
So can you guess how I feel?
Like this.

But maybe I will sneak a trip down after work.
Because 70 degrees does not sound that bad.
Just remember Snow + Baseball = NOTHING. It will never work.
So Provo, if you could kindly quit snowing.
Not just for me, but for everyone, and baseball.
Do you wish it would quit snowing? Or are you loving it?
What is the weather like in your parts?
Are you looking forward to warm weather?

Joanna @ JayBirds Flight said...

that picture of your husband is priceless! I LOVE it!

Leigh said...

Hopefully he will be home sooner rather than later! I wish we had gotten at least one day of snow here...but nope. We are already running into Spring, it is amazing!

JaNae Norman said...

I am so sick of this snow! Please come Spring!


Anonymous said...

I'm in New Brunswick, Canada, and there is a snow storm headed here tonight or tomorrow, I believe. Unless the forecast changes to something else in the next 10 minutes, lol!
And, there is an auction we want to attend tomorrow evening, approx. 40 minutes from our home, so I really, really, hope the storm stays away. At least until the next day!
I'm SO looking forward to spring, because last summer, I extended my flower garden, scraped, primed and did two coats of paint to our house, and my husband helped me with the shed. So, I really didn't get to enjoy the summer that much, other than one week long trip to Boston. So, yeah, I'm looking forward to spring, I guess you could say, lol!

Brani Laine said...

Baseball players are SO hot! Good snag, girl, good snag.


Amie Willoughby said...

oh golly YES, sneak a trip for gosh sakes!!!


Hailey. said...

I used to date a baseball player.... It's an awesome sport, but it definitely sucks a lot of time from those that play it AND time away from those that are supporting the players. I'm not sure that sentence made any sense, but basically...I'm sorry! :)

SH said...

Hopefully you see him soon :)

The Hartungs Blog

Cece said...

Your husband has an awesome job!! I live where it's warm and I love it. We are looking at 80's this weekend! If you can get to some warmer weather go for it!! And if you get to see your husband that's a bonus!!

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