A Little Self Promotion.


Today I don't have much. With Adam off being an athlete I don't have much motivation to go explore and live life. Mostly because I have spent all week watching One Tree Hill and I am pretty sure you don't want a recap of the episodes. But if you do, let me know.

Besides watching too much TV and Netflix and Hulu... I have a serious problem... I have spent a lot of time designing. And so here I am to do a little self promotion. I enjoy designing, it is really therapeutic for me. And so if you need something. Let me know. Blog design, web design, invitations, decorations, so on and so forth. I got you. You can see a very small sampling of my work here. And I will also show you one my latest designs...
For those of you who don't know, after my years competing in pageants I was very sad to not be involved anymore. So I am not volunteering on the Miss Idaho board as the Public Relations Chair. Which is why I got to design all of their blog and webpage. And now... Well. That is about it. Let me know if you need anything by emailing lovetheskinnys@gmail.com. And enjoy your weekend which will probably be more eventful than mine.

Ms. Morgan said...

That's wonderful that you're staying involved even if you aren't competing. Its giving back to something special in your life. :)

I hope you can stop by my newest post about the Box of Thanks I'm doing this year.

Talisha Reupena said...

Love these sponsors!
Found your blog on Thelifeofbon
I'm just a few buttons below you, six to be exact! :)
You and your husband are DARLING!! Can't wait to read more!


Isa said...

Impressive! If I had your skills my blog would be infinitely better!


Katie said...

That's wonderful that you still get to stay involved with the organization that you love so much! And a little (or a whole lot) of One Tree Hill is only natural. I started watching this past winter break & I'm on season 7. So I don't judge. :)


SH said...

You are SO talented!

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