Dear Fail,


Where in the world have I been? I was doing so great at blogging every day.

I'll be back. And with stories and details this time. Be prepared people.


Dear Memories,


I am so thankful for all the people in my life and the memories we have shared. You know the memories that just one word can remind you of a whole story? I am grateful for the moments when I can sit down and just laugh because of an old photo or smile because my friend texts me the word "Backstroke". That is what life is about. Remembering the good times and treasuring them forever.

 The reason I am so grateful for memories today? In addition to MANY other happy and lucky days in my life, this little encounter right here...


Dear Chicken,


Or any kind of meat. Today I am thankful for meat. Chicken, beef, or pork. That seems like a weird thing to be thankful for.... but when you are on a raw foods diet with girls at your work you will understand. I mean, I like vegetables but I am starting to realize how much I really do like things that are made from animal. You can hate me or think that sounds harsh to all those chickens and cows... but come on people! How could you not love a good steak? Or Chick-fil-a? Or roast beef? Or Sweet and Sour chicken? Or a J Dawg? Or even a turkey sandwich? Once this week is over my life will be so much better.. Well. My life is good now. But I realize. I am thankful for a nice hamburger.


Dear Veterans,


I am thankful for every single veteran that has ever lived. I am thankful for the fights you fought for me and for this country. For the price you paid for OUR freedom. The United States of America is the country it is today because of you.

"On this 11th day of November we celebrate and honor the Veterans and those who have and continue to fight so hard for our country.  Over 40 million men and women have fought and are fighting for our freedoms.  Freedoms that can be so easy to forget we all have.  Freedoms that we have been blessed with in our lives that in return give us the rights and privileges most people throughout the world do not have.  

Today, I want to salute the men and women who have fought so hard for our freedom.  They continue to fight each and every day so we can enjoy the rich blessings this great country provides to each and every one of us.  President Ronald Reagan once said: "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."  This is what the men of women of our armed forces continue to do every waking minute of our lives.  Let us not forget this nor forget the great blessings we all have been blessed with.  Let us honor and thank them today and always."  

The people around me could not have said it better... We are ever so grateful for the things you have done.


Dear Google,


I am thankful for Google for many reasons. They have made my days much more entertaining with their random finds and gadgets on the home page. They have supplied me with Mystery Google and Google Analytic. But today they reminded once again why I am so thankful for them with their "I am going to guess what you are searching" feature. I went to type in "Why did Joe Pa get fired?" (I wanted more of the scoop since my AM radio went out this morning...) and this is what it guessed....

Thank you Google for that little chuckle. And thank you everyone who has wondered why Mormons are so hot so that Google would make that an important search.


Dear Bed,


I am thankful for a comfy place to rest my head each evening. I know this is something that seems so silly and unimportant, but I am grateful for a nice warm apartment with my own room. That way every night when I am tired I can go crawl into my bed and sleep like a rock. I don't have to sleep on a couch or an air mattress. I don't have to sleep on the floor. I know that every night when I retire to my bed I am retiring to a place that is comfy and will help me feel happy for the next day.


Dear Ricola,


Sorry... this weekend was long and tiring because I am sick so I did not post any thankful posts... I will make it up to you. Promise.

Today I am thankful for Ricola and their cough drops. There is nothing better during a cold. And I am thankful for whoever created cough drops in the first place.


Dear Google Analytics,


My friend posted what people searched to find her blog so I wanted to see what people searched to find my blog. Some make sense, some are super confusing. Actually, just one is REALLY confusing as to how it directed someone to my blog. See if you can spot which one makes no sense. Either way, here is the top 5 from Google Analytics... and Blogger.

1. deidre edmunds
2. deejmb.blogspot,com
3. stripped ripped pirate shirt
4. biggest black booty

1. stripped ripper pirate shirt
2. deejmb.blogspot,com
3. how do i make a zombie face for my ponkin, scary vampire pumpkins, scaryface in pumpkin, she never wear pants, vampire faces pumpkins, very scary zombie pumpkins (That is right... it was a SIX way tie)

Did you find the misplaced one? If you guessed deidre edmunds, you are right. How did that end up in there? Jokes! Biggest black booty? Really...? Hopefully someone else can make sense out of it.


Dear Turkey,

Stand your ground boy.... STAND your ground.


Dear Friends,

I am thankful for the friends I have. Over my 23 years I have met some of the most wonderful people on this planet. And I am lucky to call them my friends. I will just name some of the things that make me grateful for my friends (and they will probably not make any sense unless you were involved, but that is what makes life so exciting, right?) ...

  • The Drops and Shoshone Ice Cream
  • Breakfast was ready for me every day this week when I was running out the door
  • Denny's, Disneyland, Chick-fil-a
  • Three words.... "Ohhhhhh my gosh" which actually links to "I'm so FREAKING excited" and "SURPRISE"
  • There is always a good reason to play dress up
  • Parade driver
  • When I am having a hard time and a scripture, conference talk, or ensign article is given to me for guidance without them even knowing the entire situation
  • Singing to people on the sidewalk or yelling "YOU'RE IN LOVE"
  • I can say words like "backstroke", "Abra had a ham" and "white hat guy" and I know laughter will follow right away
  • There is always a request for me to be home so we can play
  • Painting the rock
  • Always a person to go to 9 Beans and a Burrito with me. Bean and cheese double wrap with a plate please.
  • Skype and Google Talk... and also Heytell, text messages, and late night phone calls
  • A nice dinner at Tucanos "I don't eat pork"
  • Sometimes I come home and my room is all clean and organized
  • No look camera night
  • Homemade videos to remember the random parties that we have when our parents leave us to babysit the young ones
  • "You're love keeps lifting me, love keeps lifting me, lifting me higher and higher and higher!"
  • Onsies
  • Birds of Prey
  • Random dance parties no matter where we are... apartment, street, car, parking garage
  • Spending time looking up circuits that we can teach other when we go work out together
  • Understanding of nap time
  • 5:00 am is the time we run out of things and go to bed rather than the time we wake up
  • Magic fingers
  • Health food secrets. Whats in that shake?
  • Cupcake girls night and spa day

Why am I so lucky? I don't know... but I am.


Dear Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,


I am thankful for the gospel.

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know without a shadow of a doubt, and I am grateful for the experiences and blessings it has put in my life. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he was called of God to restore this gospel. I know that we have a modern day prophet, President Monson, that is the Lord's mouthpiece. I know that conference is an opportunity for revelation today. I know that the Lord puts challenges in our lives to make us stronger. He knows when we are ready for growth and he will push us to our full potential. I know that the Book of Mormon is for my generation. I know that I am a daughter of God and he loves and cares for me. He knows my name and he wants me to succeed. I have great worth in his eyes.

My testimony is simple, but I know this church is true and I am grateful every day for being raised in a family that puts the gospel at high priority.


Dear Family,


I am so grateful for a family that is so wonderful, so loving, and always there for me. I am grateful for a family that has been there for me through the good times and the bad times. A family that isn't afraid to tell me "I told you so," when something wrong happens in my life but they were always telling me to do the right thing in the first place. I have a beautiful family that is there to support me when I am competing in my pageants or when I just want to have someone to talk to. The big moments and the small moments are always made the best moments because of my family.

I am grateful for growing up with three brothers that will protect me from "the-not-the-best" boys, taught me how to wrestle and play Street Fighter, taught me about sports, will call me just to chat or let me call them when I am having a bad day, that married wonderful women that I am lucky to call my sisters now, and always include me in the fun. I am grateful for my sisters-in-law and the examples they are to me. They are always there to give me the girl advice I need since I do not have any sisters.

I am grateful for my parents. They are the biggest supporters in my life. I love to spend time with them, they have let me crash so many of their date nights, and I am grateful for that. I am grateful for a Dad that has taught me to work hard and to never give up. He has shown me how important it is to find a man that loves me as much as he loves my Mother. My Dad is the most honest and motivated man I have ever met, and I hope I can have those qualities too. I am thankful for a Mom that is my best friend. She wants me to always be happy and always has time for a phone call with her daughter. She has taught me how to be charitable and to use my creativeness to the highest. She also taught me how to dress well. My Mom is the most giving, loving, and considerate woman. Someday I hope to be a Mom just like her.

I am grateful for 5 adorable nephews and 1 beautiful niece. They always can make me smile and make me feel like the most important person around. I never have a dull moment with them around.

I am GRATEFUL for my family. And I am grateful for the person they have helped me become.


Dear November,


The Thanksgiving countdown has arrived. I know Thanksgiving gets the holiday shaft, but it is one of my very favorite holidays ever. Not only do I get the chance to overeat and feel GREAT about it (rainbow jello... yum) but I also am reminded every day of why Thanksgiving is important. There are a one million things in my life that I am lucky to have, and I should be focusing on those things each day, so I am thankful for November and Thanksgiving to remind me of how blessed I really am. I cannot wait to share with you what I am very most thankful for every single day.

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