Dear Google Analytics,


My friend posted what people searched to find her blog so I wanted to see what people searched to find my blog. Some make sense, some are super confusing. Actually, just one is REALLY confusing as to how it directed someone to my blog. See if you can spot which one makes no sense. Either way, here is the top 5 from Google Analytics... and Blogger.

1. deidre edmunds
2. deejmb.blogspot,com
3. stripped ripped pirate shirt
4. biggest black booty

1. stripped ripper pirate shirt
2. deejmb.blogspot,com
3. how do i make a zombie face for my ponkin, scary vampire pumpkins, scaryface in pumpkin, she never wear pants, vampire faces pumpkins, very scary zombie pumpkins (That is right... it was a SIX way tie)

Did you find the misplaced one? If you guessed deidre edmunds, you are right. How did that end up in there? Jokes! Biggest black booty? Really...? Hopefully someone else can make sense out of it.

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