Weekday Wardrobe


You know what I don't love so much about vacation? Getting off of my sleeping schedule. I was doing great - bed at 10PM up for the gym at 6AM... and now it is like bed at 1PM hurry and get up and rush to work looking like a little rat. Unfortunately you have to wait a WHOLE week to see those rush to work looks. Sorry kids. However... you do get to see a CLEAN closet! Did anyone else notice the pink shirt from the floor has finally been picked up? That is because I pick up my puppy this weekend so I spend last week before my vacay puppy proofing... also known as cleaning up after myself.

Monday | Top: Lucy & Lyla | Skirt: Pick Your Plum | Heels: Payless
Tuesday | Cardigan: Old Navy |Top: Eleventh Avenue | Pants: Pink Blush | Flats: TJMaxx
Wednesday | Top: Cotton On | Belt: Little Black Fashion Truck | Skirt: Soel | Heels: Dillard's
Thursday | Hat: Cents of Style | Top: Kiss Me Mint | Shorts: Aeropostale | Sandals: Target
Friday | Cardigan: Target | Top: SexyModest | Pants: Gap | Flats: Payless

Three Idaho outfits, two Alabama outfits. I am going to have to say my favorite out of all of them would be.... Tuesday! I didn't feel so hot about it when I threw it on, but looking at the photos I am totally sold. Which one is your favorite? Tonight I head to California for a blog conference and I am still debating on what to wear - should I take the hat from Thursday? No hat? Dress? Thoughts? I need help.

How We Wore It: Summer Pleats


It is officially time for May's how we wore it post! Let me give you a little refresher on how this works. All of us were given the same “inspiration outfit” and we were asked to create our own take on it once we let our creative juices flow. Any outfit can be inspired by the colors, the patterns, the pieces, or the textures is fine. So our how we wore it is coming from the inspiration side – with things we already have! Because not many people have the luxury to just go buy a new outfit based on what they see on Pinterest, so you have to work with what you have. First up is the look we used for our inspiration.

Alright... so I know it says pleats. And I totally had a great pleat outfit brewing in my brain. But then I went to Alabama to visit the husband and forget what I needed for the pictures so I am pulling an outfit from the archives that was inspiration from a similar neutral outfit. But I feel like it goes well and still applies - even without the pleats. Chambray is my jam. And I love wearing it with whites and nudes. Something about a low key, soft colored palette just does it for me. So I love to pair my chambray with white pants, skirts, and shorts + gold accents. And this outfit was no different.

Pants: Target (similar)
Top: Gap
Shoes: Targetc/o
Short Necklace: Lisa Leonardc/o
Long Necklace: The Shine Project
Earrings: Cents of Stylec/o
Bracelet: Jane

And just because I love you... I feel like you should see the outfit I had originally planned on too. I paired my chambray pictured above with my mint pleat skirt, some floral shoes, and my mint teardrop necklace for some extra drama. A simple color palette and the most comfortable outfit for a busy day at work.

So there you have it - an outfit inspired by neutral palettes and an outfit inspired by summer pleats. I will make sure I put this summer pleats outfit to good use in a future outfit post so you can get a feel for the whole ensemble. And next month I swear I will not plan a vacation around the time of that What We Wore series so I can actually accomplish a decent post for you, my friends.

Now that you have taken my take on the look make sure you see what my friends came up with! A bunch of babes with styles all their own. And that is what makes this whole project awesome, and why I keep coming back! You can check them out here – Brooke at Silver Lining \  Megan at And Here's to You, Mrs Robinson \ Sierra at Sierra's View \ Brooklyn at A Little Too Jolley \ Laura at Sincerely, Laura \ Aubrey at Dreaming About Someday \ Kaycie at Redhead Memories \ Kyla at FordOlogy \ Kallie at Life Through a Lens \ Ashley at Absolutely Ashley \ Stephanie at The Artist + The Architect \ Danica at Danakin Skywalker \Tayler at The Morrell Tale \ Jessica at My Peanut Butter Problem \ Paige at The Mrs and Momma Bird \ Bonnie at Life of Bon

Black and Lace


There are two things that overwhelm my closet - the color black and lace details. And so when those two things come together in a top it is hard for me to say no. This top has quickly become a closet favorite - I wear it more often then I probably should - and a crowd favorite - everytime I wear it at least one person asks where I purchased it from. I have worn it with jeans, shorts, skirts, and leggings.. but I have to say, this outfit is my favorite combination of all.

Hat: Aro & Company
Top: Eleventh Avenue
Leggings: Target
Flats: Payless

I initially put it together on a rainy day with black boots and tall, cream peak out socks. But for summer - the black flats make it the best kickback outfit. It is so comfy and perfect - in fact, I wore it for my plane ride yesterday. Style on point - in my own humble opinion - for when I arrived to see my husband. Do you have any colors or fabric types that are your go to? What is filling up your closet?

Bachelorette Season 11: Meet the Guys


I will preface this post with this... usually I can do the whole prediction thing along with poking fun at all the contestants because I feel like I get to know the Bachelor or Bachelorette during the season in which they get dumped. But this time I am not feeling to great about predicting considering I don't even know who the Bachelorette will be the whole season. Thanks for nothing ABC. But with that being said, it is time to introduce you to this season's cast. Let's roll!
430.1x1Ben H
Age: 26
Occupation: Software Salesman
Hometown: Denver, CO
Opinion: He seems pretty normal. I feel like he will be in and out pretty quickly because of the sheer amount of normalcy he exudes. One thing that I think he totally botched on his bio was the fact that he said being married is a total sacrafice... for some reason that just doesn't sit well with me. Normal guy. Normal looking. Won't help the rating much. Don't see either lady loving on him for too long either.
430.1x1Ben Z
Age: 26
Occupation: Fitness Coach
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Opinion: This guy is also extremely normal. What is up ABC? Too much time justifying two Bachelorettes to throw in any crazies? Okay... I digress. But yes, normal guy that I think will do well. He seems like he is just normal enough with a little edge to intrigue someone for a few episodes. And apparently he is "recently" outgoing, so hopefully he uses an open bar and television cameras to let his hair down. Get crazy, guy!
Age: 25
Occupation: International Auto Shipper
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Opinion: I am basically super interested in his career. International Auto Shipper sounds like a fancy way to say, "I drive those giant trucks that make you nervous a car isn't attached correctly and might fall off on the highway." Or a really fancy way to say, "I load cars into giant metal boxes and use a crane to get them on ships." Yeah? No? I am impressed by his All-American tennis status and I think at least one of the ladies will be too.
Age: 33
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Opinion: I kept thinking he looked familiar, it just hit me. He looks like Jimmy Fallon all rocker-ed out. Anyone agree with that one? He is a singer-songwriter and those guys always seem to do well since they are like "bad boys". Until they turn into a real jerk and basically eliminate themselves... maybe Britt and him will have that in common?
Age: 28
Occupation: Dentist
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Opinion: An elevated normal. Good ol' boy, making that sweet sweet cash while fixing the smiles of America. I feel mediocre about this one. But I am seeing a wild side come out since apparently he has been on national television in his underwear before.
Age: 27
Occupation: Architectural Engineer
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Opinion: His answers were too short for me to even get any opinion from. Loves his Dad, wants to be Chuck Norris, looking for a best friend to be in a marriage with. Average.
Age: 30
Occupation: Investment Banker
Hometown: New York, NY
Height: 6'0"
Opinion: He seems quirky. And I think it will give him an upper hand with all these average men. I see him getting through a few rounds no matter who the lady in charge is.
Age: 35
Occupation: Residential Developer
Hometown: Pearland, TX
Opinion: Something about his photo makes me wanna say, "Oh hey Cory!" I like him because he likes The Goonies and any human that likes that movie is good in my books. His biggest fear is finding out his date is a dude which makes me wonder if he has had close run-ins before? Odd. Very odd. Hates name droppers - who doesnt? - and loves people that are not uptight. All good.
Age: 28
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Opinion: I picture him talking with a French accent, "huh, huh, huh... wee wee! We like the pleated skirt with all the sequins. Get some pizza!" He also wants to be The Prince of Monaco, "because he has a baller life"... aim high dude, reach for the stars!
Age: 26
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Opinion: I get a good feel for this one. Seems like a solid, normal guy. Solid and normal which will sky-rocket him to the top! Loves his family. Loves his sister which is too cute. I think he will be the kind heart that gets far in the competition.
Age: 28
Occupation: Executive Recruiter
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Height: 6'4"
Opinion: Seriously, normal on normal on normal. What is it with this season?! Maybe it was harder to draw in the looneys when they didn't know who they were applying for. But another good normal. And an ABC suckup which I know ABC will love. Organic shout out to their late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. Maybe if Katelyn is the Bachelorette they can go on another date and BBQ with the J man himself.
Age: 26
Occupation: Restaurant Manager
Hometown: Warwick, RI
Opinion: Okay. It is getting harder to give opinions because they are seriously all going to just blend together. This guy wants to be Barack to see how it is to lead the free world. And he has been a volunteer for a children's cancer summer camp. Big softy. So tender.
Age: 32
Occupation: Former Investment Banker
Hometown: Denver, CO
Opinion: What does it mean to be a former investment banker? Does that mean he got laid off? Or quit? Orr..... what? Does he work now? Or does he just live off his trust fund? So many questions unanswered!
Age: 28
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Hometown: Columbia, KY
Opinion: He bugs me strictly based on the fact that he says five years ahead is too far to plan. One day at a time. People act like that is a lock in question... but it is really like, "Ideally where would you be?" Not a, "I AM HOLDING YOU TO IT!" Make a few plans, people. Act like you care about your life. You win some and you win some. Get with it.
Age: 33
Occupation: Automotive Spokesman
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Opinion: Is there a different between a spokesman and a salesman? Does the spokesman just tell people how great the cars are and then hand them off to a pushy salesmen so they don't have to be the bad guy? Or maybe a spokesmen is the voice on the auto commercials. This is the first interesting job out of the bunch. And he loves lots of music. Seems like an auditory learner to me.
Age: 27
Occupation: Law Student/Exotic Dancer
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Opinion: I am not looking back at all the other photos, but I think this is the first guy wearing a tie? Maybe to compensate for his lack of real career. Exotic dancer? No thanks. Britt will hate him. Katelyn will love him.
Age: 31
Occupation: Industrial Welder
Hometown: Kuna, ID
Height: 6'2"
Opinion: I like him because he is from Idaho. And that sums it up. Mountain climber, world traveller, Idaho spud. You win. But sadly... I don't really think you will win.
Age: 28
Occupation: Fitness Trainer
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Opinion: Baby face alert! How is this guy 28!? He looks like a child. He does have a five year plan though, so you go up a little in my book baby face.
Age: 32
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Hometown: Boston, MA
Opinion: Double ear pierce?! Ain't no thang. Mamma's boy through and through, looking to be that hometown hero, humble guy. That is what I am getting from his Q&A.
430.1x1Ryan B
Age: 32
Occupation: Realtor
Hometown: Wellington, FL
Opinion: Why you gotta all be so average? Great hair flow. Rode his bike cross country for a dog rescue. Dogs are people too.
430.1x1Ryan M
Age: 28
Occupation: Junkyard Specialist
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Opinion: Junkyard Specialist? Finally, another not so average job. Picture Zac Efron dancing about how the boys are back with this Sean-esque guy. Crush that junk. Clear it out! A boy's boy and hopeless romantic. You will go far Ryan M.
430.1x1Shawn B
Age: 28
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Hometown: Windsor Locks, CT
Opinion: This appears to be the season of the fitness guys. I think we should have them all fight... but for some reason I think this man would not win. Looks a little scrawny in comparison. Loves country music and 1D. Hopefully he didn't cry when Zayn left.
430.1x1Shawn E
Age: 31
Occupation: Amateur Sex Coach
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
Opinion: Cool necklace? And that career.... nope. I can't with this one. Only one Shawn can make it through and I do not pick this one.
Age: 28
Occupation: Auto Finance Manager
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Opinion: This one makes it through. I am basing that only on his smile in this photo. Because his questionnaire is lacking in much content. Country fan. Basic guy.
Age: 35
Occupation: Healer
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Opinion: That hair paired with that occupation. Either a super hippie or a super awesome guy. I am feeling like he will be the wild card in this season. Sort of like Francis... I mean Ben... they have the same hair, right? Hopefully Tony washes his a little more.
So basically this season is full of the most average or average men. A few randos got into the bunch... where are my dog lovers, free spirits, and jumbotron operators!? Come on ABC! I will say the guys that I feel could do well - and this is based on two ladies, not just one personality because they are SO different- based on bios and looks alone are: Ben Z, Clint, Corey, Cory, David, Ian, JJ, both Ryans, Shawn B, and Tanner.
But I will take it and leave it right there, I guess, since this is the most bizarre season to start with. I loved Britt all last season but I am hoping Katelyn wins the Bachelorette battle because she is just too much and will make for some real great TV. Once the Bachelorette is selected I will come decide who I think will go far in this journey. Who do you want as Bachelorette? Any guys stand out to you?
All photos and information about the men courtesy of ABC.com.

Weekday Wardrobe


Another week down. Basically May is the countdown month for me because I get to end it with a trip to see my husband, a trip to see my Pollinate and blog people, and then I get my puppy. You would be counting down too. I know you would, and you cannot tell me otherwise. Well, you could tell me otherwise but chances are I would not believe you. This week was productive because my mother and I turned my front yard from a weedy mess to a beautiful home for flowers. And, I got all nearly all the way ready every day. Wahoo! Win.

Monday | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Gap | Booties: Francesca's
Tuesday | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Gap | Flats: Payless - once I put them on
Wednesday | Top + Button Up: Downeast | Pants: Gap | Flats: TJMaxx
Thursday | Top: Luxe & Lace | Necklace: Groopdealz | Pants: SexyModest | Heels: Target
Friday | Vest: GroopDealz | Top: Old Navy | Pants: Gap | Boots: Nordstrom

My favorite outfit is a toss up between Thursday and Friday. I loved Thursday's outfit because it was a little more feminine, yet still comfy. And I loved Friday's because it was a fun twist for the rain. Any excuse to wear rain boots is good enough for me. Which one are you loving for your closet?

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 26


"Standing at a tiny 4 feet and 8 inches tall and not being rail thin doesn't exactly make me the "model type". But it is what makes me... well, me! It hasn't always been easy accepting my body type, and I'm not going to lie, sometimes it is still a struggle. But I've learned that being different is such a beautiful thing! It makes my day when I hear from other short women who have found my blog, to hear that I have inspired them to try new things and think outside of the box, or even when it's just them telling me they can relate. It has definitely taken a lot... A LOT of trial and error to find "my style", I have had my fair share of cringe worthy outfits and frustrated shopping trips, but I feel like I have really come to understand who I am, what I like, and what looks good on my body. And bonus- short girls can wear all the cute dresses and skirts that tall girls cant. #shortgirladvantage

What is important to remember is that we have all had those moments of self-doubt and perhaps even self-loathing. The problem is when we feel we are the only one who has ever felt that way and we allow it to control our thoughts and actions. As women there is so much pressure on us to dress how the world believes we should. And while I am a supporter of leaving some things to the imagination, there is nothing I love more (when it comes to fashion) than seeing a woman dressed exactly how she wants. Dress for YOU, dress for YOUR personality, tell a story with your outfit, show the world who you are. Because when you do that, when you can express yourself with fashion and personal style- you will shine.

I'd say that my style is always growing, as we try different things we learn more about ourselves and can better understand who it is we want to be. There's nothing I love more than a beautiful sweater over some warm leggings and a hat. But that hasn't always been the case. When I was in High School I dressed very professional. I loved looking mature and business like... which is odd because my style and myself as a whole, has relaxed a lot since then, which seems backwards. But no matter where I am or who I want to be that day- I am dressing to match my mood. If you look back on my blog (please don't) you might find outfits full of color or patterns, and lately I can feel my style simplifying, almost. It's still definitely me, but as I've come to find myself- I can feel my personal style falling into place, as well.

So instead of leaving the "fashion" up to the models, let's remember that we all have to get dressed in the morning, so make it an enjoyable experience. Find what you love, find what you want to say, and put it on. Fashion is for everyone, make it fit for you."

-Gentri from Gentri Lee

Weekday Wardrobe


You can usually tell how I am feeling based on three things. The amount of effort I put into my makeup, if my hair is in a braid, and whether or not my contacts are in. So... if you take a look at last week's outfits, you can get a pretty good idea that I was not feeling my best. Which resulted in Thursday's outfit - dreamy, right? - while I took a sick day to catch up on some ZZZs and all that jazz. Every since then it has been go, go, go with work and play and family. Eventually I will get back on track over here at Deidre Emme, but not until graduation is over at Boise State.

Monday | Top: Gap | Skirt: SexyModest | Shoes: Forever Young
Tuesday | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Target | Shoes: Target
Wednesday | Top: Pink Blush | Undershirt: SexyModest |Pants: Pink Blush | Shoes: Forever Young
Thursday | Tee: Sherri Hill | Bottoms: Old Navy
Friday | Top: PinkBlush | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Forever Young

And there you have it. Lots of braid and lots of not getting ready. Time is cruising, but it should slow a little after this weekend. And then I have some good things coming to this little space on the internet and I cannot wait to share.

Weekday Wardrobe


This post was meant to go live on Friday... but you know what? Thursday I took a sick day and Friday was busy catching up. So you get two week day wardrobes at the bookends of this week. My brain is a little to fried right now to think of much more. So I am going to sip my highly acidic juice and just hit publish. Enjoy having a little less words from me today. Xoxo. Gossip Girl.

Monday | Top: White Plum | Undershirt: SexyModest | Skirt: LulaRoe | Heels: Macy’s
Tuesday | Top: Lucy&Lyla | Necklace: Eleventh Avenue | Leggings: Target | Heels: Famous Footwear
Wednesday | Top: Lucy&Lyla | Skirt: Downeast Basics | Heels: DSW
Thursday | Cardigan: Cotton On | Undershirt: SexyModest | Leggings: Target | Flats: Forever Young
Friday | Sweater: PinkBlush | Jeans: Gap | Flats: Forever Young
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