Weekday Wardrobe


Another week down. Basically May is the countdown month for me because I get to end it with a trip to see my husband, a trip to see my Pollinate and blog people, and then I get my puppy. You would be counting down too. I know you would, and you cannot tell me otherwise. Well, you could tell me otherwise but chances are I would not believe you. This week was productive because my mother and I turned my front yard from a weedy mess to a beautiful home for flowers. And, I got all nearly all the way ready every day. Wahoo! Win.

Monday | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Gap | Booties: Francesca's
Tuesday | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Gap | Flats: Payless - once I put them on
Wednesday | Top + Button Up: Downeast | Pants: Gap | Flats: TJMaxx
Thursday | Top: Luxe & Lace | Necklace: Groopdealz | Pants: SexyModest | Heels: Target
Friday | Vest: GroopDealz | Top: Old Navy | Pants: Gap | Boots: Nordstrom

My favorite outfit is a toss up between Thursday and Friday. I loved Thursday's outfit because it was a little more feminine, yet still comfy. And I loved Friday's because it was a fun twist for the rain. Any excuse to wear rain boots is good enough for me. Which one are you loving for your closet?
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