Weekday Wardrobe


You can usually tell how I am feeling based on three things. The amount of effort I put into my makeup, if my hair is in a braid, and whether or not my contacts are in. So... if you take a look at last week's outfits, you can get a pretty good idea that I was not feeling my best. Which resulted in Thursday's outfit - dreamy, right? - while I took a sick day to catch up on some ZZZs and all that jazz. Every since then it has been go, go, go with work and play and family. Eventually I will get back on track over here at Deidre Emme, but not until graduation is over at Boise State.

Monday | Top: Gap | Skirt: SexyModest | Shoes: Forever Young
Tuesday | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Target | Shoes: Target
Wednesday | Top: Pink Blush | Undershirt: SexyModest |Pants: Pink Blush | Shoes: Forever Young
Thursday | Tee: Sherri Hill | Bottoms: Old Navy
Friday | Top: PinkBlush | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Forever Young

And there you have it. Lots of braid and lots of not getting ready. Time is cruising, but it should slow a little after this weekend. And then I have some good things coming to this little space on the internet and I cannot wait to share.
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