Dear Chicken,


Or any kind of meat. Today I am thankful for meat. Chicken, beef, or pork. That seems like a weird thing to be thankful for.... but when you are on a raw foods diet with girls at your work you will understand. I mean, I like vegetables but I am starting to realize how much I really do like things that are made from animal. You can hate me or think that sounds harsh to all those chickens and cows... but come on people! How could you not love a good steak? Or Chick-fil-a? Or roast beef? Or Sweet and Sour chicken? Or a J Dawg? Or even a turkey sandwich? Once this week is over my life will be so much better.. Well. My life is good now. But I realize. I am thankful for a nice hamburger.

Cassidy Barsdorf said...

I'm glad to hear this maddness is only going on for one week. If you do it again, let me know...perhaps I'll participate : )

Conner said...

I wish I could post a picture on here of my I <3 chick fil a shirt!

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