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Adam's baseball team is full of a bunch of guys with Apple products. And with those Apple products come apps. And with those apps come an addiction. Okay... not always addiction. But this time. Yeah. It is a serious problem. Does the app Clash of the Clans ring a bell? If not. You must not have any friends under 30 with an iPhone or iPad. Which is not a bad thing.

So over the last month or so Adam has had a lot of stories about Clash of the Clans. "So and so has this huge clan with his brother and everyone wants to be in it." Then there is, "So and so deleted the app because he got kicked out of said clan, and now that guy won't let any of our teammates in!" Or, "So and so buys all his green gems... that is how the app gets money!" And of course, "You should download Clash of the Clans for me to play! Please, please, please?" So I caved. I downloaded Clash of the Clans. And now I'm playing it too. I just joined a clan with Adam and my brother. I was really worried we would turn into all those boys Adam plays baseball with... and for the first day or so we were. At night all we talked about was attacking and elixir and what we were building. But now we are both back to our old ways. Which means Adam is back on MLB and I am back to One Tree Hill. But speaking of iPhones... my friends Sierra is here to give away on iPhone 5 cover to you today!

Hello dear blogging world!
My name is Sierra and I blog over at Oh, Just Living the Dream. 
Today, I have the wonderful opportunity to be giving away an adorable Iphone 5 Cover from Cath Kidston. 
I personally have this phone cover on my poor Iphone 4 (yes, I'm not as classy as all of you Iphone FIVE people) and I get compliments on it at least everyday. No joke. It is very feminine, but not to the point where it's tacky. 
The specific phone cover that is being given away is pictured in the photo below! Isn't it adorable?

Good luck :) Your phone is gonna look suh-weet. 
Unfortunately, this is not a present you will want to give to your husband for Valentine's Day, ya know? Haha. 
Let's not waste anymore time---enter away! 

PS... US followers only, please. Sorry! 

Kelsey Eaton said...

YESSSSS I grabbed my phone last night and the corner of my case had completely cracked and falled off. So sad. Hoping to with this little beauty!!!

My-cliffnotes said...

Sooo cute I love the case.


Meg Kerr said...

Great giveaway. I love your floral case. It looks amazing! Meg Purse Giveaway

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