My Best Friend's Wedding.


Remember last weekend when I threw a shower? Well this weekend was the wedding. My best friend's wedding. But it wasn't a bummer deal like in the movie. Because. First, I am already married to the man of my dreams and so happy and in love. And second, my best friend is a girl and I like men... which is why I married one. But the wedding was SO perfect. And Sarah and Uriah looked amazing and happy. And everything just fit them and who they are. Here it all is summed up from instagram #uriahandsarah.
Cute right? When I was helping set up Sarah said, "I want it to look like a gypsy robbed a palace and put it all on display for her guests at this party." And she wanted the hair of her bridesmaids and herself to "look like we had just returned from a week in the wilderness." Well. Sarah. Here is to your gypsy's wilderness wedding. Love you dearly. I've never seen you so happy. 

Kirsten Wiemer said...

gypsy wilderness wedding, i love it.


Lacey O. said...

Wow, that looks like such and fun and cute wedding girl!


Rachel Sayumi. said...

the best cultural hall reception i've seen, by far! looks so lovely! can't even imagine how long it must have taken to decorate!!!!

SH said...

These photos are fantastic! Looks like so much fun!

Happy Monday!

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Isabelle Galindo said...

The wedding pictures are all excellent! Each shot tells a story that could last forever. By the way, I truly admire the quote “There is only one happiness in life - To love and to be loved”. I wish you guys all the best. Cheers!
- Isabelle Galindo

Resonant Brain said...

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