A Pre-Valentines Valentine.


Baseball season started last week. Which means Adam was down in Texas over the weekend. Which also means they had to be traveling on Valentine's. So we celebrated a day early. Which after talking to a lot of friends, it seems pretty common to move the celebration to a different day. Either way. It was great. And I loved our simple evening out. 

We went to La Jolla Grove for dinner. Adam had never been there, even though I tried to get him to take me there for Valentine's Day last year. Apparently he didn't pick up on those hints. It was an "order what you want" night since it was a celebration and Adam would be leaving for 4 days. I ordered the raspberry lemonade and it was SO good. And we shared the stuffed mushrooms appetizer  which was surprisingly incredible. Who knew someone could make mushrooms taste that good? For entrees I had the salmon and Adam had the chicken stuffed crepes. And now as I am typing all this... do you even care what we had? Haha. Either way. After that we walked around Riverwoods, spent some time in Provo Beach Resort, tried to shop but nothing looked awesome, and ended the night with a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory crack apple... because, if you didn't know, it is a special place in our history. After that we headed home to play scrabble, watch The Office, and Adam opened his gifts. A Dateviation love coupon book, Mega Stuf Oreos, and three tubs of Dubble Bubble for his baseball season. I didn't get my gifts until the next day, so you have to wait a day to hear about it too!

Katherine said...

Your newest follower :)


Fannie Terrell said...

Hey Girlie!
Just found your blog through the "Let's Get Social" Link up! LOVE your blog, and I'm following you now!:D

Have a good week!


Tayler said...

I love that you just called it a "crack apple." I do that all the time - what is that incredible lime-y stuff on the tortilla chips at Chipotle? Crack. "Oh my goodness, what did you put in these brownies, Tay?" Crack. It's always crack :)

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