Spring Break Guide: Swim Zip


Three swimsuits in and I decided it is time to mix things up. When you head out on Spring Break or any warm vacation for that fact the first thing you think is, "What swimsuit should I get?" And usually the cover up is an after thought, if it is a thought at all! If you are like me you get to your destination and as you are getting ready to go swim you realize you don't have anything specific to wear over the top - so if you are just walking downstairs you just run down in your suit or if it is a day long thing you throw on shorts and a tee over the top. The only problem with that is then later in the week you are down a shirt if anything gets on your "cover up" while out doing your water activities. You know what I am talking about, right? Okay... so now that we have that whole scenario in your head - let's talk cover ups. Today I am styling one from Swim Zip.

Cover up: Swim Zip
Swimsuit: Rad Swim
Sandals: Target

Not only is this cover up helpful for looking stylish while not showing your suit - it doubles as cover from the sun. Swim zip makes their cover ups out of the highest rated UPF 50+ sun protection fabric which blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays. If you are pale with a lack of ability to tan like me - that is a selling point all in it's own! That is one thing that is always the worst, when you get burned while just hanging out or walking around. The fabric is very light and breathable plus it dries quick. So to me - this cover up dress is a win, win, win. Oh wait - one final win. This cover up comes with thumb holes, which I really love because I prefer my sleeves to hang long, ya dig?

Sizing reminders! I am generally a size 10 or 12. I ordered my Swim Zip cover up in a size large and it fit snug right over the top of my suit, but with the ruching on the sides it still felt super comfortable and flattering. You can tell how snug it was on the closer shot of my body - I am wearing a ruched one piece and you can see some of that detailing through the cover up. I really love this cover up and give it fifty billion thumbs up.

Don't forget to swing by Swim Zip to see how Kaylynn's littles are rocking Swim Zip suits! And I will see you back here on Tuesday for suit that totally pushed me outside of my comfort zone!
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