Bachelor Season 19: Episode 5


Another week, another shot at love on The Bachelor in the Fields of Love. Last week's recap is still sitting there waiting if you want to go back, but seriously... you are falling behind. Okay. So I have come to a realization with The Bachelor... it isn't that I am always watching something else when it starts.. it is more that the 1st part is really so bored I do not remember a single bit of it. This week was about to be the same until I remembered they announced going to New Mexico. To which one sweet contestant started talking about how she has never been out of the country. Winner.
Onto the first date. It was a solo shindig for Miss Cruise Singer Carly. It was, without a doubt, the most awkward date I have ever seen. Starting with a love guru which turned into a sex doctor. And second by second the whole thing made me uncomfortable in my own home - shout out to ABC for being about to do that - it is like they brought the emotion right to me. And lucky for the whole world, it all ended when Carly announced she felt uncomfortable undressing Farmer Chris. Good for you Miss Carly. And Farmer Chris also said he felt awkward. Let's wrap this date up with dinner and a rose. All that one needs to know about this is that it was SO uncomfortable.
Next up. Group date. THE GROUP DATE! A white - brown? - water rapid trip. With only one girl falling in and one girl telling us to watch out for the alligators and dead bodies. Followed with a lunch and crazy Kelsey, so glad they replaced the crazy once the Onion girl got booted. And then off to a cocktail party which started before it even started with week 2 drunk Jordan showing up in the lobby completely sober saying she doesn't know how she let him slip away. Oh, I remember, she was drunk the whole time. That is how. But he brings her to the cocktail party anyway, why not!? And basically every one on one time during that date is talked about how Jordan is there. Princess Ashley LOOSES it and says  that all the girls should mean girl Jordan into leaving and Whitney sticks up for women all over the world by saying that is a ridiculous reaction. Drama, drama, drama. But Farmer Chris sends Jordan home because he realizes the tension and gives he rose to Whitney. Which also pisses Princess Ashley off - she just doesn't see them together - which leads to her being called out for just being mad because she doesn't like Whitney. So much crazy for just one room.
Last date goes to Britt. Who apparently doesn't shower and wears a full face of makeup to bed. Because when Farmer Chris woke her up at 4AM she looked like she had just stepped out of a magazine. She is seriously the most perfect looking human. Also, nothing quite like being woken up at 4AM... by the man you have been kissing, kissing someone else. Awkward, sorry to the girls that had to be in that room. Britt and Farmer Chris take a hot air balloon ride with the sunrise. Which, when Britt got her date card Britt was in tears because of her fear of heights but as soon as she saw the balloon she was miraculously okay. After that they head back to Farmer Chris' room for chatting, room service, and a nap. And then Britt pisses all the girls off by telling him that she took a nap in his room. Apparently she is very insincere, but I still really like her.
While Britt is telling all the details Kelsey sneaks away to his room to tell him all about her husband's death... which was so awkward. She is emotional telling him and then uses it to get a kiss. And then it cuts to her interview in which she is ALL smiles talking about how wonderful and special her story is. And she loves her story. And I feel like that is a really unfortunate way to talk about your husband's death. Also, ABC made her look all sorts of nuts.
And then from there we head straight into the rose ceremony. Only... Chris starts with a talk about how high emotions are and how Kelsey coming to talk about her husband - whoops! Cat is outta the bag Kels - made this a lot more real. And he walks out of the room all high on emotions. All the girls are chatting about how they needed time and how they felt like it was important to talk to Chris. In fact, we hear Samantha talk for the very first time - besides the first night intro - in the whole season if I remember correctly. Kelsey also spends a lot of time showing how confident she is and talking about how someone is leaving and it will be sad that she has to say bye to them. Then Host Chris comes in and says no cocktail party - straight to the rose ceremony. Sheer. Panic. On everyone's face. And then Kelsey slips and breaks her hip... scratch that, I guess it is a panic attack. And that is where they leave us. Right there on the bathroom floor.
Best cocktail outfits that we just got to see from a couch were Becca - without a doubt the VERY best one, Kaitlyn, and Jade. Also, Britt looked killer in red, so her color. My favorites are still Becca, Britt, Whit, and Kaitlyn. Tonight's episode starts with a rose ceremony and hopefully a medic to fix Kelsey. So strange. Who are your favorites going into week six?
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