Bachelor Season 19: Episode 8


Can you believe it has been a whole week since the back to back Bachelor special? Sunday night brought us all the drama cliffhangers and Monday night wrapped it up in a perfect little bow. Then of course, the hometown dates! We cannot forget those. But if you somehow missed all the epicness feel free to catch up on Sunday's episode here. And I am going to dive right in to all that was Monday's hometown visits right now. Just to get you all prepared for the final three and fantasy sweet dates tonight.
The episode started with his final date from the previous week, a special thanks to Britt and her meltdown for screwing up all the rose ceremony and one on one date order of the show. And all I can think is Becca always looks so good, best style on the show for sure. I adore her. The date is just normal and quick because everyone is still wondering what is going on with Britt. And right as you are starting to wonder if cuts to the hotel where Britt says she has packed her stuff and is ready to leave. But maybe not. But probably. Because she aint nobodies #2. But also.... maybe she will stay? And Carly calls her out. Then Host Chris comes to let them know that there is no cocktail party. Just a rose ceremony. So prepare for your doom. Thanks.
Rose ceremony time. All the girls walk in. Best dressed is Becca, as always. And right as Farmer Chris is about to start Britt asks for a few minutes and they step into a side room. And all my love for Britt is slipping away right in front of me as she apologizes for being crazy and acts like she wasn't just talking about leaving. And then Chris says what everyone thought, "That isn't what I am looking for in my wife." Kisses her bye. And she goes and has a serious meltdown in the front lawn. I also think her actions these last couple episode lost her the chance of being Bachelorette. Anyone agree? And while Britt is on the front lawn bawling Carly is telling the cameras she likes seeing Britt squirm and she is happy and so on, and I am thinking, "Oh Carly. Jealously is not pretty on you." But I still like Carly and I have been the jealous girl before so I get it.
Chris goes back to the rose ceremony and awards Whitney, Becca, and Playboy Jade with roses. Kaitlyn already has one. And so that means Carly must go. And she is so sad talking about how no one ever wants her and it was really heart breaking. To the point where Adam felt the need to say, "I wish she wouldn't say that about herself! That is sad." And it was sad. Because she is a good girl. Not my fave but a good girl. And she would make a great Bachelorette. Next up. Hometowns.
Becca first. Basically what we learn is Becca is still a virgin and has really never even had a boyfriend. Her sister acts like she is the mom. And she questions how Becca is going to handle the fantasy sweet. And then once all the family grilling is done Chris takes Becca to the fair and the ferris wheel for a private ride which is so darling. And I love them.
Next up, Whitney. Whom I also adore. And right off the bat she offers to Chris, "Let's go make a baby!" But really she is just taking him to her work to show how all the insemination and everything works. She also tricks Chris asking for a sperm sample in the porn room. So funny. So awkward. And I was worried that he would be sitting in there and find Jade in one of those magazines, lucky for all of us he didn't actually have to do anything. Chris and Whit head to her family and before they go in Chris asks who to ask for marriage since her parents are both gone. And she says her sister. And as the night progresses she realizes what a huge mistake that is because her sister is a beezy and wont offer any real support.
Kaitlyn's turn. Welcome to Canada. She meets him by a dumpster as payback for taking her to Costco. Which I think is lame because I really love Costco. They go and record a rap single and Chris is nearly as bad as rapping as he is at singing. Very promising. The family was all very nice and chill, and instantly you realize just where Miss Kaitlyn came from. And I still like her more every day. But if she doesn't win she better be the next Bachelorette because she is seriously hilarious and would make for a great show that would have to be very filtered.
And the last hometown goes to Jade. Basically anything that happened in this date is overshadowed with the whole family trying to warn Chris about how wild Jade is. A free spirit, a wild mustang... and Chris finds out as Jade takes him back to her place, tells him she posed for Playboy, and then continues to show him the photos. And Chris is a sweet guy trying to make her feel good but letting her show them, but is also bugs because he validates everything she did. But he lets her know her past is her past, and I appreciate someone that can stand by that motto.
Now it is time for the rose ceremony. I don't remember what the order is for the roses, but what ends up is Jade does not get a rose. Which is so sad because she was so nervous to tell him about Playboy and he says it doesnt matter and then sends her home. But at the end of the day their relationship really wasn't as strong as the others. And he lets her know it really comes down to that. I am very pleased with his final three women - they have all been in my tops and rarely does it happen where I would be happy if he picked any of them. Tonight is fantasy suites and I am pumped for the drama. What do you think of Chris' top three ladies? Do you think anything could have gone better at hometowns?
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