Who goes to Stockton?


For the last three weeks my nights end with Adam looking up the West Coast Conference tournament standing and him naming off every scenario that needed to happen.... "If we win two game in each series and they sweep they will go, but if they only win five then we go..." or "if they win one, and the other team wins two, and we win 5 games then we will go." But go where? Go straight to the WCC Conference Tournament. This year marks the VERY first West Coast Conference baseball tournament and only the top 4 teams go. And guess what happened this weekend? BYU cinched the final spot! They did more than win the two games they needed. They SWEPT the series. They won the first two games, which made a real good situation for Adam. No pressure and just a nice day for him. And then Saturday Adam got his first win of the season. I am so proud of that husband of mine.
It was a great way to end the regular season and a perfect scenario for the final home series! So who is goes to Stockton? BYU Baseball. Oh. And this girl!! I am so excited to head down and watch my husband and his team kick some boootay - that are on a hot streak. And if they do well this weekend they could end up at regional. I am excited for the next few weeks of baseball!

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