2012 Figures Show Marriage on the Rise


It's understandable that, in general, marriage rates have declined over the past century. As a society, we've become more secular, more independent, and gender equality has skyrocketed, meaning that the expectation for women in particular to be married has all but disappeared. Additionally, the stigma of divorce has fallen away, meaning it's more acceptable for a person wishing to leave their marriage, for whatever reason, to do so.

Nevertheless, marriage remains a steadfast and sacred cultural and personal cornerstone of British life, and according to recent figures, the last five years in particular have seen marriage rates take an unprecedented jump. 

In Scotland, marriage rates have been on the rise for the last three years consecutively, with 2012's figure increasing 4.8% from 2011's, tallying 30,534 unions in total. According to the Office for National Statistics, a similar story is evident in England and Wales; in 2010, marriage rates rose by 3.7%, with men in their forties in particular marrying much more frequently.

Expert psychologists suggest various reasons for the recent surge in figures. One, naturally, is the change in economic circumstances the whole country has faced in recent years. Since the nation has fallen into recession, the uncertainty faced by many British people has encouraged them to join incomes, and rely on the shared financial stability as jobs become fragile and the cost of living increases.

But beyond the simple financial motivation, psychologists suggest that a rise in marriages comes from our simple, human need for companionship and emotional security in times of uncertainty. Economic instability encourages us to re-evaluate our priorities, and trust and closeness with a partner frequently comes out on top. 

Alongside this, it cannot be denied that wedding spreads in celebrity magazines encourage a particular type of yearning, and the combination of the traditional romantic security of marriage and the lure of your own special day is more than enough to cause this bump in figures. We'd all better keep an eye out for potential wedding gifts and mother of the bride outfits if the trend continues!
Sierra said...

Yay for marriage! Except it sounds like we need to move to England though?

Talisha Reupena said...

Marriage is amazing, hard, beautiful, hard and sacred. I love all that it represents and stands for. I wouldn't have it any other way and let's be honest, I'm totally glad I'm out of the dating awkwardness! :)

Larissa said...

Very interesting. Yay for marriage and people getting married, because it is the best

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

I just love that your dress is both modest and drop-dead gorgeous.

Deidre Miller said...

I was surprised by the stats - but I am glad to see the rise!

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