April Showers to May Flowers. Finally.


I had plans to post this a long time ago. But then it rained. And rained. And rained. Then I went on a trip... And finally I am back home and I think the rain (and snow) has stopped! The best part of Spring? Flowers. Everything is in bloom. So today I have invited all my sponsors to tell me their favorite flowers are now! My favorites are tulips and sunflowers... but really just any flowers are beautiful and I love getting them (hint, hint to Skinny...)

My favorite flowers are peonies!  That is what my wedding bouquet was made of :) 

It is almost impossible for me to pick just one flower! I truly love any and all flowers! 
Some of my favorites would be peonies, Gerber daisies, sunflowers, 
wildflowers, roses, and calla lilies.

My favorite May flowers are pink and purple calla lilies.

My favorite May flowers are def all the fun tulips popping up everywhere. 
They just put a huge smile on my face.

I have always been in love with tulips - just recently, though, 
dahlias have been catching my eye. 
But, you know what? Between you and me? {smile} 
I love any flowers really - especially "just because" flowers!

Okay, I cannot explain to you how much I love flowers. 
My personal favorite are daisies. But just recently I went to San Diego and
 took pictures of all the beautiful flowers. The sun was shining, and sky was 
blue and the flowers were all blooming!

Tulips have always been a favorite because they're beautiful and 
so much like humans, rising and sleeping with the sun, like we do. 
Although since I became a mother last May, 
my Chelsea has become my favorite May flower.

My favorite May flowers would have to be daffodils and tulips 
because when they bloom, I know that summer is 
coming and the cold is finally over!

My favorite May flowers would have to be peonies. 
I desperately wanted them in my wedding but alas, I got married in 
November and they were out of season. So pretty! 

I'm most excited to get rid of all this boring 
white snow and to have a colorful world again. Spring, 
I welcome you with open arms and minor fist pumping. 

Now that April Showers are slowing down 
I love the daises and roses that are everywhere.
 I just can't get enough of them!

So there you have it! Tulips, daisies, calla lilies, sunflowers, and peonies to name a few. All of us are looking forward to warmer weather and flowers coming up on every street corner... or hoping to see them in (once again... hint, hint to my sweet husband) our kitchen! What are your favorite spring flowers? What do you love to see growing?

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