All That Glitters: Family Jewelry Traditions


As I am getting older, I am getting more and more appreciative of what I like to call "sophisticated jewelry". When I was younger it was all about whatever was in trend. I wanted to shell necklace, the gold hoops, the mood bracelets... In college it was the bubble necklace, the bangles, the toe rings... you all know what I am talking about. (At least, I hope you do... unless us Idaho girls just had weird taste in jewelry, but that is a different discussion for a different day.) And when my mother handed down her precious jewelry to me, although I knew it was beautiful, I never really appreciated it. I always thought she was crazy for wearing the same earrings, necklace, and rings day to day... where was the variety?! But now that I am older and have my inherited jewels combined with my very own, I understand.

My first real jewelry has become our family tradition. And one I hope to live on. When I turned 16 my parents gave me my mom's smaller set of diamond earrings, her first ruby and diamond ring, and pearls. When I turned 18 my parents got me some beautiful sterling silver heart jewelry. When I turned 21 it was a ring with my birthstone. And when I got married they gave me her diamond earrings that she wore almost daily as I grew up. And that has become a tradition. On special and monumental days, I received special and monumental jewelry. Being an only girl definitely has it's perks. As my father has built up her collection, mine has been built up. As her items have been upgraded, so have mine. She has hand picked items to help build up mine with special items from her jewelry drawer.

And that is something I intend to carry on. As I have daughters I will pass on special jewelry to them on their special days. And Shane Co. has a wonderful selection and a reasonable price. The options are really endless. From Shane Co.'s world-class designers sterling silver and natural sapphires are fashion forward and available in any budget. Eternal and timeless, pearls never go out of style! Shane Co. cultured pearls are matched by hand for exceptional luster. Direct from Italy, the Capri Necklace is available exclusively from Shane Co. Personalize your Capri Necklace with your initials or favorite saying. Plus engagement rings, diamonds, rubies, and so on... you have a friend in the jewelry business.

I am so grateful for my mother and father and the tradition they started. Especially my mother for sharing her jewelry with me, And as crazy as I thought she was, I am right there with her now. Every single day I wear my wedding ring. The ruby ring she gave me when I was younger. The golden diamond earrings she gave me on my wedding day. And I always try to wear a necklace that Adam gifted to me. 

Although I still love the trendy and variety, I love the tradition more. My necklaces and additional rings might change from day to day, but my earrings and wedding ring are there every day. And that is something I hope to carry on for my own girls. With the help of gifts from my parents and Adam, plus reasonably priced shops like Shane Co. continuing this tradition shouldn't be a problem at all. Do you have any jewelry traditions? Do you remember your first "real" jewelry?

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Jane Edmunds said...

I love getting jewelry, especially my extra special pieces that I have received at special times in my life or during special trips all over the world. It is fun to realize that I will be handing down these extra special pieces to my extra special little girl someday. I really need to take the time to write down when or where each piece was received so that each piece has the sentimental memory attached.

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