Fashionably Modest Linkup: Head Wear


I've been wearing this red leather and purple hat weekly, I can't get enough of these items. This outfit is made up mostly over-a-year-old items. I love digging through my closet and putting together something new. The hat is from 2007, the jacket is from 2010, the shoes and jeans are from last year, and the shirt was a recently revived item from Keena's closet saleDo you have any items that have been in your closet for years? What's your favorite item to wear this winter?

Jacket: Forever 21 \\ Hat: Forever 21 \\ Top: Target
Shoes: Forever Young \\ Jeans: Gap \\ Undershirt: SexyModest

This weeks trend is head wear. I have been wearing my purple hat on a nearly daily basis. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen it this last weekend as I froze on the third row at the BYU football game. TOTALLY worth it. Don't you love pulling out your sweaters, scarfs and hats as the weather cools? A lot of you linked up hat looks, but only one linked back! Here we have this week's trendsetter Rachel Sayumi!

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KevinKyla Ford said...

Those shoes are AWESOME. Love the beanie and the jacket! So hawt! <3

Jessi said...

I have those shoes - LOVE em! You look so dang cute! I love that purple beanie, I want to be able to pull off the beanie look SO bad!! haha

Rachel Porter said...

thanks for the feature, girlfriend!

gabrielle said...

love those shoes! i have tons of clothes that have been around for years. i hate parting with pieces that i really love.


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