Lasik, a.k.a. Laser Eyes


Lasik Surgery. Something I have wanted for years and years and, perfectly enough, the man I married wanted the exact same thing. Over the last couple years we have talked about how awesome it will be when we can save up enough money to get the surgery done. Well, not perfectly enough, I am still sitting here with contacts and Adam can see nearly perfect thanks to our trip to Davis Vision. That's right... Adam got Lasik two weeks ago and I am still just the bum with poor vision. The procedure was totally crazy... and I can sincerely and honestly say that because I WATCHED. I watched them go and cut into Adam's eyes and then laser his vision right up. 

So. For those of you that don't know how Lasik works, let me tell you. They go in, slice the top portion of your open and fold it back, do their laser job, and then fold it back over to heal... but that is only if you have good eye shape and staff. For Adam they did a special procedure where they scraped the top layer of his eyeball OFF. That is right my friends, I said off. So with my jaw dropped, I watch on a tiny TV screen as they pulled his eye open, put a medal ring on his eye, dropped some magic drops in the ring, and after the layer had become loose, they scraped off the top layer. Then they dried it off, pulled out the laser to do it's job, and moved to the next eye. Fast, huh!? He was only in surgery for 5 minutes tops. Don't worry. They numbed his eyes before he went in - so he didn't feel a thing. But my mouth was probably sitting on the floor as I stood watching the TV.

Adam has his good days and his bad days. Sometimes he gets a glare at night, but his vision should be perfect in about 2 months. For normal Lasik, your vision will be perfect the next day! Adam can already tell a huge difference. The other day in church he leaned over and said," I can see all the hymn numbers!" Which was a huge deal since we were in the last row of the overflow. Oh another thing. Adam has chronic dry eyes... and they fixed that too! So apparently your eye has two drains for tears in your eye, and Adam's were draining too much water. So they put a silicon plug in his bottom drain. Who know they could even do that!? And now Adam cries all the time. Just kidding. He doesn't. But you can tell his eyes aren't as red lately. I was so impressed with Davis Vision. If there is anyone in Utah wanting to get their eyes fixed up I would 100% reccomend them. Dr. Davis has done over 27,000 Lasik surgeries... say what!? That is a lot. So now I am just waiting until I am done having kids (waiting because I heard pregnancy can change your vision) so I can get my eyes fixed! I've already been waiting long enough.. I got glasses in 2nd grade and contacts in 5th grade - so it shouldn't be bad waiting a few years longer, right? Except I am super jelly of Adam's perfect vision. Do you wear contacts or glasses? Would you ever want to get Lasik?
Cece said...

oh my someone who started wearing glasses earlier then me!! I started in 4th but didn't get contacts in high school. You were so young in contacts! I was too scared for a while. I prob can't get lasik. My eyes are so bad my retina detached. I'm stuck with these bad eyes!! How exciting to be free of glasses. I bet he's thrilled. Even after watching you aren't too scared?

Kelsey Eaton said...

Glad I'm not the only one waiting. I want it so bad but after seeing my sister in law have to go back to wearing contacts after her pregnancy I have decided to wait. Ahh cant wait!!

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

awesome! I want lasik someday too, but I have never heard that about pregnancy! so maybe I will wait too. However I might be waiting a looong time since I'm not even engaged yet bahah. Anyway, the way you described it seems so scary! I got glasses in 3rd grade and contact in 6th grade so you and I are a lot alike! What's a couple more years, eh?

Vicki Garrett said...

I wear contacts mostly and then glasses at other times, I would like to get Lasik, but it kind of scares me. I've known other people who had it done, and they were fine, but it makes me so nervous.

Ashley Benjamin said...

Great stuff. I bet he's happy to be doing well! And to be glasses-free.

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