Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 12


Today I have Brandi from Run Style Run
A happy lady from Idaho striving to be grateful for the 
small things in life and live every moment for what it's worth. 

I am so excited to be guest blogging here on Love, The Skinnies. I love this series "fashion fits everyone." Society makes us all believe that you're only fashionable if you are 6 feet tall and a size 0. But in reality, most of us fit in the average category. Doesn't mean we can't be fashionable which is why I love blogging so much. You meet real women in real sizes who have their own style! I find so much inspiration through blogs and instagram photos of real life women who I can relate to and I love it much more than a runway show.

I have always been a shopping lover all growing up. I love buying a new pair of shoes or the first time I get to wear a new top. I of course, live on a small budget so a handful of years ago I started rummaging through thrift store racks. I started discovering items that cost an insane amount retail price, people complimenting items that I had spent $2-$5 on, and I found myself competely hooked! Now 80% of my wardrobe is second hand. Not only do I love that I am recycling but a lot of thrift stores give back to the community in some way. I donate and buy which makes me feel like I'm helping the world in a small way. If you've never thrifted before or think you never find anything. Try again. Have pacience, have a list of items you may want to look for. It is totally fun, like treasures hunting, and so worth it!

As for finding what works for my body type, I feel like it's a constant learning experience. Sometimes I have worn things and later wondered what I was thinking. I have found a pattern in things that I don't get tired of. That would be a white tee, jeans, and leather boots/shoes. I have worn and loved these items for years. I never regret buying them. They can be worn over and over and half the time no one would notice. You can switch them up by wearing a sweater, jacket, or fun accessories like a scarf or layering necklaces. A trend that has never changed. Really... NEVER changed. I love that.

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If I were to define my style I would definitely say it is more eclectic than anything. It can range from boho to preppy, grunge to simple simple. Currently I am crushing on oversized tees, maxi skirts, beanies and wool hats, fun boho tops, ankle boots, large scarves, military jackets, overalls, large carry all bags, layering necklaces, button-ups, and destroyed denim. Besides thrift stores, I love Anthropologie and will invest in a few items from there every so often as well as Madewell and Free People. I also love searching for specific items online. I never pay full price for anything though. If I find something I like, I will find it in the cheapest price possible. I search ebay and dig through racks at thrift stores. You would be amazed at the things I have patiently waited to buy and found treasure hunting! When looking for inspiration, I love re-creating outfits I see with pieces in my own wardrobe! I do try to have my own style, use my own creativity, and wear what I like. I admire anyone with their own sense of personal style. I want people to see that I am comfortable in my skin, comfortable with having my own style, and hope to inspire them to feel the same inside.
Emma Alison said...

Most girls love to dress up, no matter how young or old they are but this post really enhanced a fashionable knowledge for me.Good work.

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