A Guide To Hairstyling For Men


So lately Adam has entrusted me with his hair care. Last year we got a brand new pair of clippers and now I am the hair stylist extraordinaire at our home! I feel like that is a bit risky for someone who hadn't even attempted a haircut on someone else until a year and half ago... and before that the only experience was trimming my own bangs. But for some reason, he trusted me!

I feel like I have done a pretty good job. Especially because we all know how important hair is to me! But for all you people out there... I present the following. A Guide To Hairstyling For Men.

Men often think because they have short hair that there isn’t much they can do in terms of styling and trend following but they are wrong. Instead short hair can lend itself to various techniques including colouring, layering and cropping with hair clippers. If you can interested in a style which is a step away from your usual the very best thing you can do is arm yourself with a photograph and a recent photograph at that because even reoccurring styles have a slightly different take on them season to season.

Many men are tempted to go to a local barbers who will skip the whole shampoo and hair massage, follow the existing line of the hair and charge a cheaper price. This is perfect unless you really decide to experiment in a new style and direction. For example a barber can handle more classic styles such as a buzz cut (a short clipped hair cut) but they might struggle if you go in with a request for the celeb must have Faux-hawk (fake Mohawk). The key is choice your location wisely.

Once there if you know what you want be direct, tell the Stylist what you are looking for and discuss through how it can work for you. If your thoughts are more along the lines of ‘’looking for an update’’ express that too and work with the Stylist to look through magazines, even look around the room and see if there are any styles you like (you can trust Stylists to have the most up and coming hairstyles).

Once you have discussed through your needs be totally sure of how short you want the Stylist to go as nowadays all types of hair clippers can be set to an exact setting allowing you to determine length.

Once the cut is finished pay attention to how much product is applied to achieve styling, think about whether you will be able to achieve a similar look at home, even ask the Stylist for advice on how to get the same look and buy the necessary products if they are inevitable to achieving the look. Some people might also look to invest in a pair of home clippers that will allow them to maintain the look themselves, if you choose to do to this seek out a reputable hair and beauty stockist, such as a supplier of salon scissors, as they should stock clippers too. Most of all be confident that if you want to maintain your look yourself that you can follow the exact lines set by your hair stylist.
Kelsey Eaton said...

I've been cutting Tim's hair ever since we got married. I think I am finally getting the hang of it. Besides the mess it is pretty easy and awesome. We actually found doing it on the carpet and vacuuming afterwards is WAY easier than trying to sweep it up in the bathroom.

Life with Amberly said...

The second paragraph is so true. A lot of guys just go to those generic cut and go places (I won't name names...) and that's fine, but you're going to get a generic hairstyle and no shampoo or head massage. Let's face it, that's the best part!

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