Because I'm Happy


As I was looking through the Style Lately website, I saw this top and I knew I had to have it. Not because it is gold - which is my color obsession, I will take anything gold! Not because of the Pharell song that is taking the world by storm - seriously by storm. Even my work has jumped on the bandwagen. Whenever a client comes to do a site visit we do a flash mob dance for them to happy. But because being happy is something we are really focusing on in our family.

Top: Style Lately c/o
Cardigan: Maurices
Belt: Target
Shorts: Aeropostale
Shoes: Target

There are a lot of things that Adam and I could be complaining about right now. And in fact, sometimes we do. There was one week when I cried almost every day. It was like really bad. But most of the time we talk about the good things we have. And we focus on the positive. And the opportunities. It doesn't matter if Adam is having a hard time gaining his control the last few weeks - remember how I said I would jinx him? I totally did... whoops - and it doesn't matter if I am working full time in Arizona where I dont know anyone. And it doesn't matter that we are far apart from each other during the summer. I mean all those things do matter - but at the same time they don't. They don't because we have our health. We have our family. We have each other. We are married. We aren't in debt. We can afford the things we need. We have love. We have laughter. We have support. And we are going to be together for eternity. So really, we have a lot of really awesome things. Things that other people would kill for. And because of that, I truly am happy. Sometimes we just need a reminder. Life is hard. The struggle is real. But there is always something to be happy for. What are you happy for today? What makes you smile after a long day?
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