Kimono Round Three


I told you that I love kimonos. Floral ones especially. And now that I have shared my wrap floral kimono and my lace and fringe kimono I thought it was time to introduce you to my very most favorite kimono. The traditional floral kimono. I had been telling Adam about my love for kimonos for months. Seriously months and months. But we couldn't ever find one we loved that was also in our price range. Since they were a hot item they were rarely on sale. I would see stores with 50% off everything in the store and then there would be a sign over the kimonos that said "kimonos not included in sale". Not cool, store. But then I finally found one I loved and it was on sale! Win, win, win, and good things come to those who wait.

Kimono: Pink Blush
Top: SexyModest
Shorts: Aeropostale
Sandals: Target
Necklace: KDizzle Designs c/o

I LOVE it. It goes great with darks and lights - dressed up or down. And it goes perfect with my new Indian inspired necklace. The colors couldn't be more perfectly matched, right? When the package first arrived I opened up the kimono and put it on. I felt like a 1920's movie star just chilling in her trailer. "Be a dear and fetch me my water." Except when I would say it... I would say it to myself since I was home alone. And I will admit... I wore it the rest of the evening. And I have worn it weekly since then. It is my new fave. Do you have an item you have been dying to add to you closet? Or an item that you wear time and time again because you love it so much?
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