Kimono Round Two


Kimonos. Can't stop. Won't stop. Seriously. When I saw this lace and fringe beauty I couldn't stop myself. It was a combinations of all things that shouldn't work to make one of the most beautiful clothing items I had ever laid eyes on. I am a sucker for lace. I am a sucker for a kimono. Therefore I am a sucker for a lace kimono. That fact that it was cut like a crop top - crop tops are my least favorite thing that is in style right now - was totally masked by the fringe. The foot long fringe is probably my most favorite part of the ENTIRE outfit. I felt so saucy wearing it.

Swimsuit: Macys
Kimono: PacSun
Shorts: PacSun
Sunglasses: Target
Shoes: Target

I must have been the stylish person at the pool that day. And that is saying a lot because you should see the queen divas that live in my apartment complex. I paired the kimono with my favorite scalloped shorts which make the perfect swimsuit cover up - especially if you are doing something before swimming. They are darling. I especially love them for their high waist. So take the darling shorts with the all things wrong made right kimono, and I had the best swim cover. What do you usually wear when you go swimming? Do you have a go to cover up?
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