Two Year Q&A with Adam


The easiest way to let you into our life is with a little Q&A. One filled out by Adam and one filled out by me. Same questions, potentially similar answers. And the best way to end it is with a Deidre or Adam question - sort of newlywed style. Right? Right. So here are Adam's answers to the marriage Q&A.

Favorite Date? My favorite date was in April of 2013. It was the middle of my Junior year at BYU. Our schedule was such so that we had one free weekend during the season without any games. We decided to take advantage of this free time. We decided to go to Salt Lake. We went to the Salt Lake Temple during the day, a Salt Lake Bees game at night, The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and stayed the night at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Salt Lake. It was my favorite date we have had.

Best Vacation? The best vacation was when we went on a seven day cruise in the Caribbean.

Favorite thing about Deidre? My favorite thing about Deidre is how she is always wanting to try new things. New foods, events, and places make for an awesome life.

Best memory? My best memory is when Deidre and I missed our flights to catch our cruise and as a result, had one of the worst days ever and got to ride on a 4-seater airplane. Looking back on it now, we just laugh about it and how awesome the plane ride was.

Describe Deidre in three words? Selfless, hilarious, and sexy.

What is something everyone should know about Deidre? Everybody should know that Deidre is the best person to talk to when you are having a hard day. Countless times have I seen when Deidre has been the pick-me-up for struggling friends.


Better Cook: Adam
More Messy: Deidre
Better Dancer: Deidre
More Talkative: Deidre
Better Planner: Deidre
More Social: Deidre
Better Athlete: Adam
More Silly: Deidre
Better Artist: Adam
More Adventurous: Deidre

Tune back in tomorrow to see what my answers are!
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