Dear 2010,


2010 has come and gone. And I loved every second of it. I had some of the best moments and something I learned a lot from. I can honestly say 2010 is a year full of love and lessons, I would not change a single second. Let me recap why this year was SO great, in no particular order.

Living with my best friend Sarah. What a gem. What a life.

A wonderful birthday with my family and with my friends and with more love than I could have asked for. The big 22!

Making new friends.

Spending time with old friends.

Another summer working at EFY, sharing my testimony with the youth, impacting their life, having them impact my life, and a week in California to end the job.

My brother Ryan, his wife Kari Dawn, and his 4 beautiful boys moved to Mapleton, Utah so I can see them all I want.

Halloween (duh...) when I can dress up an no one can make fun of me for it. RIP MJ, RIP.

Random (baby) road trips to Salt Lake.

Random road trips to Twin Falls.

A REALLY great summer in general with more memories than I could have every wished for.

BYU Football.

Crowned Miss Southeast Idaho and competed at Miss Idaho again.

Thanks for the love. Thanks for the memories.

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