... this is me, turning 20.


I am TWENTY. Which is crazy to me. I feel old, and like I fit in here at college. Yet at the same time I feel like I should still be going to Twin Falls High School singing in JIVE and going to 9 Beans with Sarah Bevan every day. The main phrase in my head was, "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman..." Name that tune? Britney Spears... Okay. So that is my thoughts on the age of 20.

Well. For my birthday my parents took Alexa, Cassidy, and me to St. George (to watch Alexa and my dad run a marathon) and then on to Vegas to just play and have a good time. In St. George we stayed at the Garrett's house, which is Brad and Luis family's house (they both play/have played on the CSI basketball team and we booster them). They also had us come to the Frostop, which is their resturant, after the marathon. So good. Alexa and my Dad did so great in the relay. They both finished around 4 hours 30 minutes, and got these bomb finisher medals. Then we headed down to Vegas to shop and eat. We stayed at Uncle Alan's in Vegas (he isn't really my uncle, he was my dad's college rommate). Then we went shopping and ate at the Bellagio. When we got back we were super tired so we just crashed. The next morning we watched conference and Alan made us a delicious meal on the grill. Oh yeah!

Okay. So then we drove back home after conference. Long drive. Monday was my birthday and so my parents stayed in P-Town to take me to breakfast. All you can eat french toast, probably a bad idea. But such a good idea at the same time. Then it was just a fun day because at work my parents had sent me this sweet cake made of flowers, which was sweet, and at BYUSA Nate bought ice cream and everyone sang to me, and when I came home my roommates had decorated the entire apartment for me! Then later that night they had planned a huge party for me. It was supposed to be a suprise, but they unsuprised it so I could invite my friends that they didn't know. 20 usually isn't a huge birthday time, just a birthday, but my parents and roommates and friends made it rockin.
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