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Okay. Let me tell you this story. RIDICULOUS.

I decide one day that I want to give blood, because to be honest, I really enjoy giving blood. All is going well, I fill out the forms and I pass all the little tests to make sure my blood is good. They told me I had a good vein. So, they are taking me over to the chair, and one of the guys says, "Oh, put her here, I am almost done with this guy." And the woman taking me over says, "Well she has a good vein and Brittany (the girl taking blood) needs practice." RED FLAG! But I still sit in the chair telling myself they aren't going to let someone take blood that doesn't know anything. Then Brittany turns to me and says "Don't worry, I have stuck like twenty people." RED FLAG! So I am feeling a little nervous but I tell myself, ya know, at least I am not the first person she has jabbed a needle into. Then she is talking to one of the other guys taking blood about training and says, "Oh, I didn't take the training course! I am doing it all on the job!" RED FLAG! But by then she was already cleaning my arm and prepping me so I figure just breathe Deidre, breathe. So it is all going well, and I figure it will all be over quick because it usually only takes like 5 minutes for my blood bad to fill up. She starts to take my blood and says, "Oh, well its going really slow..." And has the other guy come over to check it, they keep pushing it in farther and pulling it out and trying to wiggle it to make sure it is all good. RED FLAG! But three red flags too late... about 15 minutes later, enough of my blood is drawn and I am wrapped up and good to go. But my arm hurt realllly bad all day. And when it came time to take off my wrap I had a huge bruise on my arm, disgusting. Mallory was like freaking out, she had me call Cassidy to check it. Cassidy decided the reason it was going slow is because Brittany poked all the way through my vain so of course if the end is poking though the other side the blood is going to be slow.... and then after the blood came out two sides and made a huge bruise on my arm that was purple and swollen. It was pretty gross, the end. But then, after that, it turned more brown and spread, and now it is gone. That is the end.
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