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Okay. High School Musical 3 is out! And I love it, because I am just in love with anything and everything Disney. Mallory and I went to a red carpet premiere for it. It was basically legit. We were both extras in the movie. The best part is all my extra work paid off! I saw myself at least twice in the movie. In the very first basketball scene I am on the front row, right behind the Wildcats bench, in gray, with brown hair, sitting next to a larger man. During the spring musical, I am sitting in the front row when Troy shows up and is walking towards the stage, and I am wearing purple and I have blond hair. Then you can see my cool purple shoes when they are looking at the people on the piano. It is all just very exciting :)
Cansirboi said...

Congrats on becoming a movie star. I always knew you had it in you.

Kari Dawn Edmunds said...

I cannot wait to see it and especially to look for you and your purple shoes! I was just telling someone that I need to go see the movie to see if I could see you! You go girl! And I love that you've been blogging- you are good at this! I love reading it all and seeing the pictures!

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