... this is the Quest.


Okay. So, I LOVE football. It has to be one of my favorite sports. I just really enjoy any cougar sport, but football is the tip top of it all. And this year I got the hook up. Adam Ruri knows how to work it, and so he got anyone that signed up in his group "The Front Row High Rollers", seats in the front on the 50. And since I signed up quickly, my seat is FRONT ROW ON THE FIFTY! How legit, yeah? Well... BYU has been doing pretty good. This week was a lot of fun to go to because it was kinda a back and forth game. The score ended up being a win for the cougs with 42 - 35. Which means ViCtOrY LaP. Love it. I just had a good old time though, too bad there is only one more game.
Kari Dawn Edmunds said...

this season has been so fun to watch! you are lucky you get to watch it from the 50!

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