... this is fun.


Mmmkay. So this past weekend was way fun. I just really love Halloween because it gives me an excuse to dress up and for people to not think I am an idiot. Actually, they still might think I am an idiot... but I am just not too worried about it, eh? Well. It was a week filled with holiday events. On Monday, we had a ward party on the 5th floor of the Wilk. It was pretty legit. Mallory, Alexa, and I went. Good times. After the dance party we went and met up with Cassidy, Stephanie, Sam, and a group of their friends to go to the Scream Asylum. Pretty scary. I hate chainsaws and clowns. Thats what I learned from that evening. And, if I go to a haunted house with you, and you stand next to me, be prepared for me to hold onto you so tight. Okay? Okay. Well.. Tuesday and Wednesday were just fun relaxing nights at the apartment. On Thursday Sarah, Jessa, and Nic came down to visit so we went dancing. Lovved it. My mom sent me the sweetest costume in the mail. Aphrodite. Looking sharp. Okay, so Thursday night was my dress up celebration. Friday night I went on a date with Garrett to a murder mystery party. It was based around a 20 year high school reunion. That was just a fun experience. I met a lot of his friends and other people, but since we all had fake names I wont be able to say hi to the on campus without calling them whatever name they were that night. That might work though. I was "Bailey Babbel" the high school gossip. So yeah, that was great! On Saturday we just did... whatever we felt like, yeah? Leslie was down visiting, oh my heck I love her. So Alexa, Leslie, Mallory, and I made dinner, went to Walmart, played with shopping carts, made a music video, wore sunglasses and scarfs, went to a house concert, and discovered day light savings time was upon us. Overall, my week was a large event of meeting new people, catching up with visiting friends, and dressing up in costumes. Livin the dream.
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