Dear Fashion Friday,


Admit it. You missed knowing what outfits I put together. Okay maybe not. But I missed telling you! these outfits are the ones I remembered to take photos of over the last two weeks. And when I say last two weeks I mean last week only. This week has been hectic crazy. So I am really sorry you don't get to see more of my clothing, but... I wanted to you to see what I actually remembered to photograph.

Day 1
Top: TJMaxx - Pants: Skinny slacks from Gap - Heels: TJMaxx
Day 2
Buttonup: Forever 21 - Undertop: Gap - Skirt: Shade - Wedges: Dillards
Day 3
Top: Forever 21 - Skirt: Soel - Belt: Target - Cheetah Flats: Target

So there you have it. I dressed nice last week. This week has been a whirlwind of crazy. CRAZY I TELL YOU! But here are some outfits. I am in the process of cleaning my room and clearing my closet. So hopefully I will have some new things to share in an upcoming Fashion Friday.


P.S. Thanks to my bestie Mal for the outfit post title. Now I just need to always post on Friday, which is actually hard for me. Also. She just started posting her outfits on her blog. She is adorable and instantly made me jealous of her clothes and how she posts. I need to get better pictures.
Keena Horton said...

still waiting for a post that has THE BIG NEWS ANNOUNCED....

A Muse in Purple said...

Skinny Minnie your back, your BACK!! Well sort of, I missed you!! Love the leggings lock and the skirt too cute! I know you are getting ready for your big weekend but we are all here to support you, you got this girl! xoxo

A Muse in Purple said...

that's *look not lock lol

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