Dear Outfitters,


I have come to the conclusion that I am a weekday blogger... the weekends get too crazy for me to actually sit down at my computer and think of something clever to say. This last weekend I was in Sun Valley with Miss Idaho at the Idaho Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics conference promoting the importance of potatoes. Did you know a potato has more potassium than a banana? Then I drove straight back home on Saturday for a bridal shower, a baseball game, and a group date. I haven't had even three seconds to unpack or clean my room and car. Disaster zones... both of them. So here are my last week's outfits. And looking forward to being a better blogger!

Cardigan: Costco - Top: Forever 21 - Belt: Target - Pants: Gap
Top: Forever 21 - Pants: Gap - Shoes: Forever Young
Button Up: Forever 21 - Top: DownEast - Pants: Gap - Shoes: TJMaxx
I was so busy with the conference I forgot to take a picture.. oops!
Scarf: Nan - Cardigan: Target - Top: DownEast - Leggings: Target - Socks: Forever 21 - Boots: JCPenny

So there you have it people. Also! My Send Something Good package came! Movie Monday will be a SSG feature... and will be posted tonight!

Kelsey Pauxtis-Thomas said...
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Rachel Sayumi. said...

Hey gurl that was most definitely me workin the baseball game!! HAHA Can't believe you recognized me in my orange polo!!! I'm workin again tomorrow night,say hi if you get the chance! :D

Robin said...

I love ALL your outfits :] soo cute! Tuesday would have to be my favorite!

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