Dear 7 Questions,


And now people. The questions of seven!

Here I am... obviously so excited for all of the following: to be at Miss Idaho Orientation, to go watch the Miss Idaho Outstanding Teen Program that night, to be Miss Magic Valley, to have a crown on my head. Miss Idaho week... one month away! Ready to go, let's DO this!

1. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
Easy. Sunday. I get to relax, sleep in, nap... all those have to do with sleeping... but even better I get to just spend time with the people I love attending church and watching a Disney movie.

2. If you decided to change your name, what would you change it to?
I would change it to Xavier. Or Zelda. Then I would always feel like a warrior! Just kidding. I really wouldn't do that because that would be embarrassing... (no offense to all the Xevier, boys name, and Zeldas out there) I would change it to Scarlet. I love that name. So sassy and classy.

3. What is one product you use (it can be for anything) that you feel is a miracle worker?
Proactive. I can have literally the WORST breakouts... anywhere on my face. And within a few days of upping my Proactive usage it is gone. Also. Garnier under eye roller makeup (not sure the proper name) is INCREDIBLE for sleepy eyes. And of course bare minerals. Love. Love. Love. WINNING!

4. High heels, flats, sneakers, or boots?

Well.... that all depends on the weather and what I am doing. But let me give you a quick rundown:
Working out: Sneakers
Going to work: High heels or Boots
Pageantry: High Heels
Basically all fall: Boots
Baseball game: Flats
Night games: Sneakers
Running errands: Flats
Going shopping: Flats
Church: High Heels
Dancing: High Heels

5. You see your favorite celebrity (it can be any kid of celebrity- movie star, singer, writer, political leader, blogger) walking down the street, what do you do?

Panic. And that seriously isn't an exaggeration. I don't do well with celebrity-dom. I panic! I know exactly what will happen. I will freeze for a split second, my heart rate will jump, I will start becoming incredibly awkward, and then I will turn to whoever I am with and whisper, even if it is loud, "Oh my gosh... can we go say hi?" Notice the we... even if they other person doesn't care. I am incredibly awkward and like to use whoever I am with as an ice breaker. If no one is with me... I will follow the celebrity around for a solid 10 minutes, dodging behind trees and newspaper stands until I get the nerve to tell them one thing I love about them.

6. If you could pick one item to never have to pay for again, what would it be?
Gentri said it best. GAS! Oh my gosh, I love a good road trip. And on top of that I have been travelling a TON to do Miss Magic Valley (living in Utah and doing appearances and assemblies in Idaho isn't the best way to be a pageant girl) things... but I love being a titleholder so I can't just not be involved... so yes, gas.

7. What was your favorite tv show or movie growing up?

Favorite tv show... Boy Meets World, Growing Pains, and The Simpsons. The first two you can thank my friends and Disney channel for me loving. The last one you can thank my brothers. And favorite movie... The Goonies! GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!

Courtney @ Violet Hill Boutique said...

I found you through the Gentri Lee 7 questions! New follower!!

I love the name Zelda but I think it's because I played that game on nintendo. HAHAHA.

Conner said...

I love love love the seven questions every time! It's like playing "Fun Fact" seven times in a row! (Fun fact is my favorite game btw).

Amanda said...

Boy Meets World was a great show. And I agree with you about Sundays!

Stephanie Chae Qualls said...

The Gooniessss!! Oh my! Definitely my favorite! Do the truffle shuffle!!

Christianna said...

Boy Meets World = best ever!

Gentri said...

haha! Love that you broke down when you wear specific shoes. :) And ya, I say gas be freeeeeee!

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