Dear Send Something Good,


Well... don't worry. I completely forgot about the big reveal. So I am just a tiny bit late. I LOVED being a part of Send Something Good. It was so fun to go shopping for someone. And I loved learning all about my new friend Eron. She has some AWESOME recipes. So you should really make sure to stop by her blog. I wanted to give her some things that were important to me, as well as some things she would actually like. The package I sent to her contained (ps... I stole the pictures from her blog because I forgot to take pictures myself... oops!):

Spuddy Buddy (Miss Idaho edition)
A joke book
Dark Chocolate
An inspiration journal
A cookbook from ladies I go to church with


And then I sent off the package. It was super exciting for me to just send something to a random friend that I now feel a special bond to. Her blog isn't one I would have just picked up to read, because let's be honest... I am not very good at following recipes, I usually substitute ingredients and I never measure. But I love reading about her life and I have loved trying out her recipes... with a little twist. After a few days of waiting I got my package from Autumn. I also didn't take picture here... but I have a video! The package included:

A few things from her shop
Pocket pie maker
Sparkly belt
Yellow clutch
Mint Nail polish with sparkles
And I am sure a few other fun things that I am leaving out...

She obviously took time to learn about me because everything she sent was PERFECT. And her shop has the most adorable things. You should really stop by and buy. You won't regret it.

Send Something Good was SO much fun. And so exciting to participate in. I loved learning about my blogger friends and so many others. It was a great way to come closer in the blogging community. It truly is a community of love and support. And comments of course. Glad to be welcomed in.

Kristen Seuberling said...

I just found your blog through Dashboard Diary. I told the muffin joke on my yesterday. I'm now wondering if you might be my long lost twin. I wish I'd participated in Send Something Good, everyone seems to have scored big time with that particular exchange.

Eron said...

I LOVE that you made a video! So creative! Again, thanks for being such an awesome Send Something Good pal! Big Hugs!

Jes said...

i love how you wrapped hers! so cute.

patience said...

you just MADE MY DAY with this video!!! seriously - like you just made organizing this WHOLE PROJECT worth it! wow. loved it. amazing.

Gentri said...

OH my... can I just second what Katelyn said?! Seriously! I was smiling ear to ear and loved every second of it! THat's so funny that the mailman mixed up your packages. I loved your confused face. haha! Aw! I want to watch it again! It was so fun seeing it come to life!

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