Dear World Traveler,


Well apparently my Mom got her hands on a teleporter. All the way from Portland, to Disney Paris, to St Thomas in 30 minutes! With stops in between. I'm not even mad... I'm impressed!

Just kidding. But a teleporter would be cool. I can tell you exactly how this went in my head. I thought., "Oh dear! My Mom's FB got hacked!" So I chatted her...

me: are you on fb?
9:06 AM 
 Jane: yes
 me: why do you keep changing your location
9:08 AM Jane: I was updating my map of places I have been. I didn't know that it would show everyone. Dang new Timeline. haha
 me: haha

Well. My Mama Edmunds really has been to all those places plus many many more (they just aren't listed because she realized what was happening). She seriously is a world traveler, which is awesome because that means I am a world traveler too since I was always included in vacations being the youngest. She just hasn't been to all of them within the same hour. I told her I took a screen shot of it all and was going to blog about it, and she got really embarrassed and said, "Now everyone will make fun of me!" So here is your warning... don't make fun of Mama E! Timeline. There is no avoiding it people! It will get the best of you.

Mom said...

HaHa, I suppose you think this is Hightenlarious.
Love You!!

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