Dear Slacker,


Slacker is really the only word that I can think of right now... Even though I am probably the only one that cares I missed taking pictures of all my outfits besides today's. Everyday I would finish up all my activities for the day, go home, exercise, and then get ready for bed. And when I would crawl into my bed I would think... "Dang it! Deidre, you forgot your picture again!" I was temped to put on four fabulous outfits and pretend it was what I wore this week so I could actually show you something worth while, but lets be honest. I did not dress fabulous this week. I dressed like a mess. I haven't done laundry in over two weeks (until last night) and everything I did have clean that would make a cute getup was in the living room in a suitcase from when I took it to Idaho to do laundry. And I would always forget that is where it was until I was not clothed and needing to hurry and put on an outfit. But last night, I cleaned up my act. I cleaned up my closet. I hung everything up and folded it nicely into drawers. I can dress for style AGAIN! And you get two pictures of my outfit and another of my shoes because... I wanted to, okay?

Pants: Gap (clearance!) - Top: ModBod - Cardigan: Gap (sale) - Scarf: Gifted - Shoes: TJMaxx -- I took a close up(ish) of my shoes because I love them and I think that are FANTASTIC... and I wanted you to see the detail of black and nude. TJMaxx always has the best shoes!

What I need you all to learn from this post is: You can get anything on sale and gap if you wait another month, TJMaxx always has fabulous shoes at a great price, and I have too many close for any human being and I need to clean my closet.

Laura Elizabeth said...

I'm not really a "shoes" person but I love your shoes!!

I tried to do outfit posts... but I'm in the same boat as you, I'd always remember that I hadn't taken photos as I was lying in bed :)

Kelsey Pauxtis-Thomas said...
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