Wear White Confidently


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It is Memorial Day. Which means the white pants came be pulled out of the back of your closet for the summer months ahead. Unless you are like me and you have been wearing white all year round, because I make my own rules. You might remember my white after Labor Day rant awhile ago, but if you don't... let me tell you something about my take on rules of fashion. I do what I want. And I rock it. So if it is after Labor Day, I wear white. If it is before Memorial Day, I wear white. If it is Two days before Christmas, I wear white. Why? Because white is a good CLEAN color (or non color depending on which know it all you are talking to) and I love to wear it for a classy look. Alright? Alright. Now that we've got that cleared up... Onto my next white pants discussion which only mattes to the females. And that would be wearing white when it is that special time of the month. Let me tell you a little secret about how to wear white confidently. It all comes down to the product!

Pants: Target (similar)
Top: Gap
Shoes: Target c/o - This is another pair of shoes I saved big on by using Target coupon codes at Coupons.com
Short Necklace: Lisa Leonard c/o
Long Necklace: The Shine Project
Earrings: Cents of Style c/o
Bracelet: Jane

U by Kotex is the perfect product to keep you covered no matter what you are doing throughout the day, what you are wearing and helps keep you feeling prepared for anything. This product puts me on a path to unstoppable. Doesn't matter if it is a day of errands or a crazy work day. I am covered. I used to be a scaredy cat when it came to wearing white during that time of the month... but then I realized I didn't need to be. It just takes finding the product that works best for you!

So maybe UbK has the right product to help keep you confident, the easiest way to find out is to head to the store and try a few different ones out. And right now you can receive $3 instant savings through Kmart’s Shop Your Way rewards program with the purchase of 2 UbK products. So if you are already a part of Kmart’s “Shop Your Way” rewards program, head into the store to take advantage of the savings. And if you aren't you can join the program by signing up. The deal is only available for "Shop Your Way" members.

I promise you, the only way to wear white confidently while on your period is to be confident in the product you have. If you already have something you love, great... but if you don't, CHANGE IT UP! It doesn't matter if you have to use something different than all your friends. Your product needs to work for you, because at the end of the day you need to feel unstoppable, even when it is that time of the month.
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