Lightweight Clothing


This Arizona heat has got me looking at clothing in a whole new light. It is all about lightweight clothing. In Utah I was all about jeans and a t shirt every. single. day. And layering didn't matter because there was no such thing as a blazing hot day. Now that I am here it is all about finding items that breath and let the air flow through. I wear a lot of crocheted items, linen pants, spandex, and so on. No more layers for me either. And once I find a lightweight item that I love, I buy it in every color I can... because you never know when you might find another piece of clothing that perfect! You might remember seeing the pants below in a post before? Yep. I have them in black and blue. And I wear them every week. Plus, it didn't hurt that I saved money on them by using the Old Navy discount codes over at

Cardigan: Burlington Coat Factory
Pants: Old Navy c/o
Heels: Target
Necklace: The Shine Project
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