Killin' It


These last couple weeks have been great... or should I say "killin' it"? It has been absolutely wonderful having Adam home for a bit. I've let a handful of people into what is going on, but I figure it is time to let the cat out of the bag since all year I have been saying once Adam leaves he is gone for summer. And... now he is home? Now that is confusing. Adam was pitching in a game a few weeks ago and the second inning in he heard a pop in his arm. Not a good sign, right? And instantly his arm started throbbing.

They pulled him from the game and sent him to the locker room. He face timed me as soon as he could, and let's just say it was a tearful night. It is never good thinking about how your husband's tool for his career is hurt and you don't really know what is going on. It is even worse when you aren't there with him. The trainer thought he tore his labrum, but they didn't want to diagnose it until the pitching swelling went down. For the next few days they did stim treatment and massaged it to see if it got better. It was still hurting so they decided to send him home to the training facility for an MRI and some rehab for whatever was wrong.

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So he flew in Monday. MRI Tuesday. Results on Wednesday. I was so anxious for the phone call. The night before I kept asking Adam if he was nervous, but he would say no.. mostly because he didn't want to freak me out I think. I mean, his arm is his career! On Wednesday he called me and said, "No structural damage! Just some swelling and fluid which is causing a lot of stiffness. So on Monday I am getting a steroid shot."

What a HUGE relief. So last week Adam got a shot, the past few days he has been on arm rest, and today he starts his throwing program to get him ready to go back out. And while I don't love that he was hurt, I loved having him home. And for me, it has been a huge blessing because I have been having a really hard time the last month or so.

So Adam is on his way to getting back out there for summer ball. His arm feels better than ever. And we have been able to go on dates, eat dinner together, and just talk in person, which is something you totally take for granted when you don't spend time apart! I keep telling him he should get minor injuries more often. Of course I am joking, but it is sure nice to have him home. So that is why my last couple weeks have been the best of the best. What great things have been going on in your life? Any good news in your neighborhood?
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