Spring Break Guide: Lily Jade Bag


Have you ever dreamed of a bag that fits all of your needs - day to day, busy week, tote it around, travel with it needs? Or am I just the weirdo that has been on a hunt for a bag that covers it all. Whatever the case is, you guys - I found THE bag. Lily Jade bags - which is actually a diaper bag - but it is also so freaking trendy and darling that I can use it for my non mother life since sometimes I carry around enough for an army of children. . I have mentioned them before. You've probably seen it styled on my site before with a few outfits. Let me refresh your memory.

So before I had the Elizabeth - styled above - but I just got the mother of all Lily Jade bags and I am in tote it around heaven. Do you want to know why? Because I am a firm believer in carrying one bag for everything - whether that be giant planner, laptop, camera, wallet, dog - and I am a firm believe in not walking lop sided by carrying all things on my shoulder. So this bag - the Meggan - covers it all. It carries literally every thing my heart could dream of AND it turns into a backpack so the toting part becomes as simple as can be. This is THE bag you need for Spring Break. Because it can carry everything, it is easy to pack, and it is leather so you don't have to worry about things spilling on it. And today I am going to let you in on how the non mama packs her Lily Jade.

My first tip is to sort out all your items - what things need to go everywhere with you? Think of all the places you are going during the week. The mall, beach, baseball stadium, favorite restaurant, amusement park - you get the idea. Figure out which things you will only need at those places and figure out which things you need at all places. For me, the things I generally need no matter where I am going at my wallet, cell phone, chap stick, hair ties, and a few other odds and ends that I always keep in my purse. Start with the always items first - set everything else aside.

I always start by figuring out which things need to go in which pocket. My cell phone and candies usually go up front for easy access. Then all the lose odds and ends along with my cell phone go into the zipper pocket where they wont get lost by falling to the bottom. The best part about the Lily Jade bags is the sheer amount of pockets they have - literally, a pocket for everything!

At the bottom of my bag I always place my wallet. I like to make sure it is tucked on the bottom because the insert goes in on top and that way if someone feels like being a weasel and looking through my bag my wallet with my cards and all that isn't right on top.

From there I go to my sorted piles per day. Those are the things I load into the what would be baby and diaper bag insert. Like I said, I don't have any kiddlets at the moment so instead of utilizing this for the changing pad it comes with, bottles, diapers, and all that babe stuff I utilize it as my "daily swap" bag for vacations. For example - today I packed my bag as if I was going to be out and about with lots of R&R time, maybe by the pool or something like that. So I loaded my bag with all my chargers, headphones, my journal, my book, and my laptop - and of course my water bottle where a bottle would normally go.

And you can see, I didn't even utilize all the insert pockets - so imagine how much you could really fit in there! I really love utilizing the insert for the day to day stuff because if I am not feeling like lugging around everything I can pull that insert out and just drop in the things I need on top of my wallet - which usually ends up my day planner and journal. Some other examples of what I might put in the "daily swap" insert depend on where I am headed. Things like...

Beach day. Sunscreen, water bottle, towel, snacks, magazines, book.

Baseball stadium. Camera with lenses - usually if I am at a game Adam is playing so I need to be ready to snap some shots, sunflower seeds, water bottle, sour patch kids.

Amusement park. Lunch or snacks, sunscreen, water bottle.

You get the idea, right? So once the daily swap portion of the bag is all packed you can just fit it into the top of your Lily Jade bag like so.

And then you just drop it in and it slides to the bottom. Once it is all in you can see how much wiggle room there is up top to add in a few more items. One thing that I am always throwing in last minute is my camera, and with what I packed today there is plenty of space to add it in with the basic lens. Then I can zip it up and I am on my way to an awesome Spring Break day.

But you guys, that isn't even the best part of the bag. Sure, the pockets and the styling of the bag is amazing - but the best part is you can wear it any way you want. I am a huge fan of the backpack style. But there is also the short strap or the long strap for over the shoulders. Check it.

So there you have it. A huge bag with all the pockets and spots you could dream of. Made from real leather. And to top it all off you can wear it as a back pack, over the shoulder, or a cross body bag. To me that is a win, win, win. And that is why I pick Lily Jade as my go to bag even though I am not in a diaper bag place yet. I especially love using the Lily Jade bag as my carry on for flights. Because it really is easy to pack and then I can use it as my personal item while still getting an additional carry on. And I cannot wait to put this baby into use for Spring Break this year! Are you on the hunt for the perfect Spring Break? What is on your musts list when bag shopping?
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