The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 6


Let us all start where the to be continue ended. With Ben. Pulling Olivia aside to talk for a few minutes before the rose ceremony. Lucky for Olivia - she knows all the girls hate her and are talking all the trash in the world and comes prepared. She talks about how she has a target on her back because she always gets roses and girls dont like her as much normally and she is shy. She also takes mini stabs at girls during the whole conversation that are subtle but not too subtle. Ben buys it. Back to the rose ceremony. At this moment we all know who is going home - Jennifer. Why do we know? Because literally no one in our house can remember her name. And now it is time for the BAHAMAS!

First group date arrives and it should be for Leah because she has not gotten one yet but sorry Leah. Caila gets the card, "Let's see if our love is reel." And Leah is ticked. Beyond ticked. And she doesn't even try to hide it - not even when Ben comes and sits next to her on the couch and doesn't realize she is even there. I bet Ben watched that episode from the comfort of his home feeling very uncomfortable with the shade she was throwing and he doesnt even see. But whatever - time to date Caila.

And by date I mean take her fishing. She wears this thing around her waist to help with the pole and I keep thinking she is so small a fish will tug her right off that boat. She catches a fish. They kiss it. And then they get ready for dinner.

At dinner I realize for the very first time that I really don't love Caila. I always was like yeah, okay. And then I started liking her less and less. And now I just really don't like her. Mostly because she basically tells Ben she likes him but knows she is going to hurt him. But doesn't want to hurt him. And somehow he doesn't find it all crazy confusing and gives her a rose. And I am sitting at my house saying, "RED FLAG! RED FLAG!" Somehow in editing the whole world got confused how Caila got a rose. But she has one.

Next up is the group date. The best group date you will ever see. Lauren B, Becca, Amanda, Jojo, Lauren H, and Leah are invited out for "Love is unpredictable." That card could not be more correct. The girls all look so cute and are ready to go boat for the day. Only to pull up to a bunch of pigs.

Literally... pigs that they get to feed and swim with. You can see some love it and some hate it. Overall it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. I had no clue pigs could swim like that. And everything seems to be going ham-tastic until Ben spends a little time with Lauren B and then every single girl gets stand offish and jealous because as of right now Lauren B is the clear winner of the world.

And at the little night party it gets worse. Ben tries to make every girl feel better. But Leah will not feel better because she is mad at Ben. So what does she decide to do? She decides to tear down her biggest threat. And now Lauren B is the worst human in the world apparently? Not sure where that came from. But Ben investigates. Lauren B cries. Lead lies. And all the girls are thinking what the heck? And when they watch it back everyone will hate Leah, I am sure of it.

But that doesn't stop Leah. She decides to go see Ben at his place to try and win him over. But instead of winning him over she decides to trash Lauren B more and he just sends her home. It's whatever. Meanwhile, Olivia and Emily are getting all packed up for whoever is sent home on the two on one date. Do you feel the tension?

The date is all fun and games. And wind. Lots of wind. First he pulls aside Olivia and she hides her cankles in the sand while they talk and kiss. Then he pulls aside Emily and fixes her hair while she tries to say how much she wants to be with him and they dont kiss. And then back together he picks up the rose and grabs Olivia. And since they kissed and he has the rose everyone in my house is saying that Em is going home. But I think the producers make him pick up the rose.

Poor Olivia. She thought she was getting the rose too. And now she is blind sided. And so sad. And has to watch Emily and Ben kiss while she gets the rose from a shore about 100 feet away. How depressing. For the first time ever, the entire America feels sorrow for our sweet and evil Olivia.

It is time to get ready for the cocktail party and rose ceremony. But before we can get to that we need to watch Ben crying in what looks like a potential hurricane on top of some rocks on the shore. Because he knows what he needs to do. And the cocktail party is cancelled. Which means Lauren B is freaking out because last she heard she was still a liar? Let's take it to the rose ceremony. I don't think Lauren B is going home because she is a dream and will probably win. And I am correct, Lauren H is the one he send home - that is what she gets for allying Leah in her schemes to sabotage. I wish I could tell you which dresses I loved - but I cannot remember for the life of me. However. My favorites are still Lauren B and Becca.

And Olivia is probably still stranded on that island.

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