Styled by 5: Cents of Style


It is time for February's rendition of Styed by 5! We have had this collaboration in the works for a little bit - originally we had planned on working with Cents of Style in fall of last year, but it got pushed to now due to some scheduling conflicts. Now here we are and I cannot wait to share! This month we are all styling a piece of clothing and an accessory set to go with in the colors of our choice. You might notice there is a different face in the collage this month. Sarah has been very busy so she had to step away from the collaboration, but we are excited to welcome Alexis into Styled by 5.

When I originally got these items I had a really great idea to pair it with black skinnies and booties. But then I realized, that is pretty much the same thing I have been doing for every look lately. Then I tried to pair the jacket with a dress but the fit wasn't in a good place to make that happen. Isn't it funny how you can create a look in your mind and it is perfect, but then you try it on and it is just a big nope!? So I decided to go back to my original idea for the top with some different bottoms. I started with my window pane plaid button up so add in a little contrast to go with the greys and blacks on the items from Cents of Style. I liked how much the top lightened up the outfit so I decided to keep with that vibe and went with my light wash boyfriend jeans. To tie in the tan in one more place I put on my patent leather pumps and called it a day. I actually ended up really loving the outfit and wore it all day long for errands and everything too.

Button Up: Old Navy (similar)
Jeans: NoVae
Shoes: Payless
Scarf Hat Combo: Cents of Style

Since we are all sharing the same piece on a different body type here is a reminder of my sizing – I am 5’9″ and I generally wear a 10/12 – 10 on a good day, 12 on a not good day… you understand, right? So I ordered this jacket in a medium, but I probably could have gone with a large. It fit nicely, but was a little tight in the shoulder area, which is why next time I order from there I will probably go a size up. Especially with it being layered on top of something else. The hat and scarf were one size fits all, which worked for me! I love sharing my style with you, but I also want you to see clothing I style in other body types so you can find what is best for you. So feel free to check out how Kaylynn, Bethany, Jacque, and Alexis styled this outfit as well! And watch for a new piece of clothing styled by 5 every month.
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