The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 8


Slowly the ladies are being picked off and I for one am semi shocked with a few that have been sent home. No one else is, but I am. Can you believe it was hometowns last week and now we are down to the final three?! This week was all about hometowns.

We start with the ever so sweet Amanda. And her lack of wearing a shirt that has actual sleeves. She pulls off the off the shoulder well, but it probably wasn't the best choice for a beach day of play. Especially when she started running to Ben in the first few seconds. And then running to her girls. And then running on the beach. Nothing like a day of pulling your shirt up that says love. But Ben was so cute with the kids on the beach when they weren't being terribly shy.

He broke the ice with an octopus sand mold. What a champ. And then the kids decided to cry the whole way home and while Ben loved Amanda he seriously could not love that his ear drums were splitting. At least that is what it appeared to be. Until he told everyone he could be a Dad. And they all loved Ben. And he wins. Oh also... did you guys see Amanda's parents? Is she adopted or how does that all work? They do not look similar at all.

Next up he headed to Portland to eat donuts with Lauren B.

After a day of walking around town and being stuck in a Whiskey Library - which sounds fun to some, but not to me - they were able to go meet Lauren B's family. Wait. I should mention that somewhere in the Whiskey Library part of the date Lauren B shared the most cheesy love of my life line I have ever heard and it felt weird. Okay. Now onto meet the family. Everyone sits down to eat and within seconds of sitting down Lauren B's sister decides to pull Ben aside to chat. Which brings me to this question - does anyone eat a meal on this show?! Or do they just drink and eat donuts - see photo above.

Lauren B's sister plays all might protector. And she asks the tough questions. When Ben goes to chat with father the sisters chat and Lauren B says she is in love with Ben and she just needs to tell him. As they walk out to the car she misses her opportunity and he heads off to see Caila.

Now we are in Akron and I will be honest.... all I can think of is how Caila is boring and I wonder how her parents met each other because they are so not a match. We are thinking maybe a modern mail ordered bride? Is that rude?

However. The whole playhouse thing was weird. Remember how Caila always talks about not having roots - whining = red flag - it's like she didn't have the roots so she looked up all the things that could be kind of cool in the area and then made a plan. Oh, playhouse shop? Sweet. I have an idea...

The whole date was really great and normal. And Caila also is in love with Ben and doesn't tell him as he pulls away in his dark SUV.

Last is Jojo. The date starts with her walking up to her house to beautiful roses and a letter from Ben. Scratch that. From creepy ex boyfriend. And so she calls him to end it - at least that is what she says, the cameras don't actually show us anything - and then Ben comes up and they talk about it. And Ben is jealous and Jojo is loving and it seems to settle itself. Now off to the parent's house.

Jojo's brothers are very controlling and demanding and want answers right now. And one of them should know that he can't give answers because he was also on a television dating show. But at least he tries to control Ben, right? And the whole Italian mafia family vibe is very strong here. And I think Jojo's mother has had a lot of work...

And she loves to watch everyone creepily through the window. And Jojo also loves Ben but doesn't tell him. That is three for three my friends.

At the rose ceremony Amanda ends up going home - which isn't surprising because I feel like whoever gets the first hometown usually goes home. But he is so sad when he sends her home, so maybe Amanda is the one that gets the phone call? I have actually not ever seen a man so sad to send a woman home. It was very enduring. And also sad. And now everyone in the world is finally at the point where they are wondering... WHO WILL BE THE NEXT BACHELORETTE? I think it will be Amanda or Becca because America loves them. Unless Lauren B doesn't win? Maybe she will get it. It wont be Caila. Who do you think will be the next Bachelorette? And who are you cheering for - I am still team Lauren B - to win?
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