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Well party people. You know what time it is. It is PLL time. The big day for more epsisodes that confuse to no end. And what better way to celebrate than to make up our own endings? I am teaming up with Autumn from The Unreal Life and Sam from All Sorts of Virgin to present:
Yes. Pretty Little Bloggers. We're here to present our theories as to how PLL will end. We may not know how we got to this point in the plot, how Spenser forgot Toby slept with his step sister or who A is, but we do have some pretty good ideas of how this series might end. So, without further ado, we present Pretty Little Bloggers: Alternate Endings to PLL. 

Toby is mercilessly killed off by Melissa (as part of the A Team). After a sufficient one week period of mourning, Spenser realizes that Melissa really did her a favor. She regains her appetite, spine, sass and self-esteem. Inspired by her new sense of self worth, Spenser goes on the ultimate revenge spree against A to get her friend's love lives back in order. 

A kills off Maggie, the baby mama with an uncanny ability to forgive disappearing father figures. Aria and Ezra are finally reconnected and there is much rejoicing. But then...Ezra is contacted by A, who threatens to kill the love of his life, Aria, if Ezra doesn't do exactly as A says. The mission: wed and bed Aria's mom. 

A poses the ultimate question to Aria and audiences alike: is it better to have the love of your life alive and with another woman...or dead? In typical A fashion, the answer is...dead. Ezra dies in a tragic poisoned chalkboard dust incident. Amidst her grief, Aria learns that Ezra has left her the most precious piece of his heart even after death, sole custody of his son Malcolm. 

It all comes to light. Jenna has never been blind, and her surgery didn't work. Because she didn't have surgery. But while she was pretending she got her pilots license, multiple wigs, and incredible makeup disguise classes. So not only is she Jenna, but she is also Cece Drake, Red Coat, fake Ali, and the little scary girl from Halloween. Impressive, I know. And the only reason she is caught is because she tries to sleep with Toby again (gross.) when she is Cece, and he is like, what? You look like Jenna, and he rips off her mask and then finds her cell phone full of A messages.

Even with all of that. Melissa did kill Wildon and Caleb - spoiler alert. Hannah's mom is set free just in time to keep her from starving to death from depression. Hannah uses her trials to make success and becomes Miss America. Emily gets an incredible surgery and go to swim at Stanford on a full ride. Spencer realizes Toby is a weirdo for ever having slept with his sister in the first place. She dumps him and starts dating that British guy and demands acceptance to her family's dream school, which they give her. And Aria and Ezra are back together and get married in the season finale.

It's a nice sunny day outside, the birds are chirping, the camera rolls in on the PLL's asleep in Spencer's backyard barn, you, the faithful viewer thinks, wait a minute… isn't that supposed to be Melissa's apartment now? the camera rolls over all four liars and lands on Hanna's face, she looks a little pudgier than when we last saw her… and then Snap! Her eyes open, she sits bolt-up and looks around… she sees Spencer, Emily, Aria, and then right next to her, Ali…

Hannah: "What the?" She shakes Spencer awake, the closest liar to her… "Spencer, what the hell is going on?!"
Spencer: " Hannah, it's too early! Go back to bed, we'll go out for breakfast later!"
Hannah: "Spencer, something's wrong!"
Spencer: "Go back to bed Hannah"

Hanna looks around again and seems to remember where she is, she lays back down and giggles.
Ali rolls over and looks at Hannah.

Ali: "What's so funny?"
Hannah: "I had the weirdest dream…"
Ali: "All about me I suppose…" (she says only half awake but still as self centered as always)
Hannah: "Sort of, anyway, I'll tell you about it later, I'm going back to bed."
Ali: "Kisses"

So, how do you think PLL will end?
Who is A? Who dies next? Tell me everything.

Michelle said...

Love these endings!

Marianna Dunn said...

Haha this is great! Samantha's is definitely my favorite. Things are so crazy the only reasonable explanation is a bad vivid dream due to eating too much peanut butter before bed (something pudgy Hannah would totally do).

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

OMG the dream sequence HA no PLL fans are rabid and would like, kill the writers! I know the writers are scared to do certain things because they know they will piss off the fans too much. I know you weren't serious though :P I think I'm just convincing myself..they'd never do that...right? RIGHT?! At this point I can safely say I don't know anything at all. I never see anything coming.

Amberly Lambertsen said...

I need to start watching this show! By the way, your new design is really cute! :)

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