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Well. First things first. I know it is Tuesday and you all came here (if you didn't, pretend you did because I like to think that Tuesdays are popular for my awesome mixed jams) for the Mixed Tape Tuesday. But, sadly. It is not here today! Due to collaborations and promised made, I didn't want to over-blog and it will reconvene next week. But also, NOT sadly... you get two, that's right, two awesome posts today. Starting with a $250 GIVEAWAY! Say whhhhhhhha? And then later today you can come back and here all about Pretty Little Liars from the Pretty Little Bloggers. You won't wanna miss our alternate endings. So let's kick things off with some free money! Just in time for all the summer sales and fall fashion filling up all the stores. I could easier spend $250 in one afternoon right now... but it is you who gets the opportunity to win it, so get to entering!

Rebecca Shockley said...

Pinterest name - mnmommaof5
Twitter as @mngirlinssp
bloglovin - rebecca shockley

Erin Kelly Cannon said...

Excited to be teaming up with you on this giveaway!! What I would buy if I won :)

Erin @ The Fashion Canvas

Deidre Miller said...
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