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I was planning on doing a nice little intro story of something that happened in my life... but.... my life is boring right now. Like... hecka boring. All I do is work, watch Greek, and watch my shows. And who wants to hear about what is happening in Casey Cartwright's life? Ding, ding, ding! No one. But if you do... watch the show. Love it. So today I have an awesome lady taking over the blog! So, meet Miss Lex from Dreams, Rings, and What Life Brings!

How did you meet your husband?Shortly after moving into my apartment my Sophomore year of college at BYU, my best friend and I decided to make cupcakes but couldn't find our hand mixer. I knocked on the first door in the apartment building next to ours, and Ben answered the door. In exchange for the hand mixer, I had to promise him some of the treats. Typical. Needless to say, we quickly became good friends, and eventually started dating!

Do you like Star Wars now? And does your husband like coconut M&Ms? 
I've been known to bust out a Yoda quote here or there, but I still haven't reached the level of appreciation for Star Wars that I'm sure Ben would like me to get to. ;) Ben enjoys coconut M&M's, but he tends to gravitate towards mint M&M's more than anything.

So.. now tell us about your wedding!
Ben and I got married a day after finals ended at BYU! We spent the day before the wedding finishing up class projects (we are major procrastinators...) and finishing up small wedding details. We got married in the LDS Mt. Timpanogos temple, had a beautiful wedding luncheon with close family and friends, took some fun photos with the bridal party, and had a reception that evening. The whole day was perfect. And tiring. :) If we could do it all over again, we'd totally skip all of the luncheon and reception stuff, and go get married in Hawaii! Weddings are wonderful, but just so much work!

What do you like most about Missouri?
A few months after we got married, we moved to St. Louis so Ben could start a PhD program. We've really loved the diversity and chance we've had to meet people that come from all different backgrounds.

What item are you hoping to cross off your dreams list next?
Definitely learn how to make jam! I'm a sucker for homemade bread and jam, aaaaand peaches are in season!

Dream job?
I'm still trying to figure out what my dream job would be, but I'm pretty sure it involves something related to either social work, teaching, or interior design. My nonsensical dream job would be testing new ice cream flavors. On a beach. While getting a massage and pedicure.

Tell us about your greatest accomplishment.
Surviving Physical Science my Freshman year of college, haha. Physical Science is no walk in the park.

Books - Favorite author, book you could read over and over, most recent read?
I'm a big fan of Let It Go by Chris Williams. I cried, I laughed, I thought about the book, and I changed the way I treat others and life in general. After reading this book, you can't help but realize how much we usually take for granted, and just how quickly life can change. Regardless of religious beliefs, it's one of those books that everyone benefits from.

Best Pinterest Recipe you've tried?
Now introducing you to the world's best chocolate chip cookies. Make them, love them, and make them again. You'll thank me.

Favorite quote?
"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable." - Mary Oliver. I've found that the best memories and life experiences stem from unplanned and unexpected opportunities, so I like to remind myself of this quote every so often.

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Amberly Lambertsen said...

Thanks for introducing me to a new blog!!! :)

P. said...

I love to find new blogs!! It was nice to learn about Lex and Ben. :)


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