Building the Best Running Playlist


I am one of those people that need some good motivation and a few lessons to get into a good workout groove. And I want you to get motivation and a playlist lesson so we can all get into the groove to get that summer time bod. Today I have Mary Kremer, from Sole Treadmills, here to help you build the BEST running playlist. Let's do this!

Always on the lookout for a great running playlist? Here are some tips and songs that’ll help you find the right music to pump up!

Tip #1: Start it Slow
Since people naturally match their stride to the pace of the music, start off your playlist with a song that keeps you at a moderate, warm-up pace.

Our picks:
Reflektor - Arcade Fire
Lana Del Ray - Summertime Sadness
Weezer - “Undone” - The Sweater Song
Animal Collective - My Girls

Tip #2: Motivation!
Songs with messages behind them – ones that tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to – are great ones to add to your playlist. You’ll feel invincible as you pound the pavement if you have a motivational song playing in your ears.

Our Picks:
Pink - Raise Your Glass
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
Kelly Clarkson - Stronger
Tom Petty - Now I’m Free

Tip #3: Get the Right Beats Per Minute
According to legendary distance running coach Jack Daniels, the best runners take an average of 180 steps per minute. For this reason, 180 is the magical pace that most runners strive for. Again, since it’s natural for runners to match their stride to the pace of the music, finding songs that have a 180 BPM pace is extremely helpful. Since most of the songs with a 180 BPM are crazy fast (and pretty rare), you can also choose songs that fall in the 90 BPM, so that all you have to do is double the pace (i.e. one of your feet always hits on the beat). There are many software programs out there that will analyze the BPM on your songs for you.

Our picks:
Kanye West - Flashing Lights (91 bpm)
Cake - The Distance (183)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue (89)
Taylor Swift - Our Song (89)

Tip #4: Pick Songs You Enjoy
It’s always great to have a few songs strategically placed throughout your playlist that you can look forward to. These are songs that you find impossible to sit still when they are playing, urge you to pick up your pace, and put a big smile on your face. Its best to spread these songs throughout your playlist so that you have several boosts throughout your workout.

Our Picks:
Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’
Neon Trees - Animal
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Katy Perry - Wakin’ Up in Vegas

Tip #5: Have a Finale
Your finale song is the one that lets you know that you've reached the end of your workout, and that you just have to get through one more song. It should pump you up, motivate you, and push you to the end of your workout. This should be a song that you always look forward to hearing.
Our Picks:
Icona Pop - All Night
Tegan and Sara - Closer
Grouplove - Ways to Go
Capital Cities - Safe and Sound

Once you have your perfect playlist, there are two things that will help keep it fresh. The first is that make sure that you only listen to these songs while you are running. Resist the urge to listen to them at any other times. The second thing is to periodically swap songs in and out so that it stays new and current. By following these tips, you will makes sure that you have a playlist that will inspire you through every run.
Brooklyn Jolley said...

These are some great tips! When I would run I'd always try and start with a little but slower music, but not running hurts my joints so I do old lady exercises like walking and elliptical haha

Jenn @ Party of One said...

These are perfect songs for cardio! I'm adding them all into my Spotify workout playlist right now! Thanks for sharing ;)

Maura said...

tip #3 is so interesting! i never knew that but i'm going to find songs that fall in the 90 BPM now!

Natalie Loves Beauty said...

Great Playlist! Bookmarked :)

Jessa @ Life of A Sports Wife said...

Love this advice.. Need to get together some songs for a run..

Bethany said...

This is actually really good advice!! I usually start off with the fast motivational stuff, but I like your logic here.

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