The American Dream


Something that I love about being in the blogging community is all of the shop owners you meet. No matter what get together or event you go to, you are bound to meet someone who is a well established shop owner or someone that is just starting their own shop. It really is a beautiful thing. On a daily basis I have the opportunity to work with men and women that are living the American dream! Of doing the things they want and building a life around that. These shop owners are building a path for themselves based on the freedoms around them. And that is poetic in my mind!

Like I said, I have had the opportunity to work with lots of different shops. You've seen them on my blog before. Shops like Our World Boutique, Bluebird Bridal, Alexa Z Design, 3eleven Design,The Little Black Fashion Truck, and so on. The list is endless. But recently I had the opportunity to work with two newer shops. 

Cowl: c/o Leather and Wool // Sweater Shirt: c/o toAdorn // Chambray: Gap
Leggings: Gap // Booties: Francescas

The first is toAdorn. You might recognize them from a giveaway I helped host last week. features brand new products every single day – and at a very low price. They sell products from vendors all over the USA that offer the best handmade, fashion, home d├ęcor and boutique items. ToAdorn is what I like to call the gateway dream. Because while they are building their own business, they are also helping other shops grow! And you can get 10% off your order with the code "Ilovetoadorn". The second shop is Leather and Wool. A shop that focuses on handmade cowls for children and adults. The unique triangle design of these handmade cowls is modern, comfortable, and trendsetting. Made with a real wool blend yarn for softness, durability, and authenticity and always genuine leather buttons.

Like I said earlier, working with these shops is one of my favorite parts of blogging. Getting the chance to team up and collaborate with people that are so passionate about what they do. It is a good feeling and they often fuel a new fire for me to work harder for what they want. Do you ever buy things from home-grown stores? What are your favorite local shops? 
bashashhazbaz said...

you look absolutely gorgeous! great outfit!

Abby said...

I love shopping small businesses, whether local or online (my favorites are usually on Etsy). I really love the scarf, it looks so warm and cozy! I'm definitely going to check out their site.

xo Always, Abby

Ashley Eliza said...

Okay i need to check these shops out! im obsessed. need to teach me how to do my bun because yours is absolutely PERFECT. I always struggle and look like a 10 year old going to ballet. haha. xo

KevinKyla Ford said...

You look so great!! I have GOT to get into this thing! Helping shops out by doing a blog post. So cool. You seriously always find the GREATEST shops!

Anonymous said...

This is a cute outfit- I enjoy following you already :) Rachel of

Will said...

Nice blog. I'm just checking out the LDS blogs to see what is out there. I recently started my own art site to hilight some of my favorite Christian Art and Artists.

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